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  1. Hi I have similar one made by Marples (not for sale as it was my late father's), still one of the best screwdrivers I have ever had. Doesn't have a square bit on the shank. Have you seen this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/W-MARPLES-SONS-Vintage-Screwdriver-12-1-2-overall-length-1-4-flat-tip/303687191654?hash=item46b52acc66:g:LG8AAOSw3ChfJ~Ed Cheers Richard
  2. Hi Hopefully this is the rigt place to post Has someone been playing with the web site as I can't see any photos on my windows laptop (same on my phone) also on my laptop there are some additional user names being displayed for no apparent reason Cheers Ricjard
  3. Hi May be of interest to someone https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/fuel-water-tank-trailer-world-war-2-American-army-military-khaki-green/124306106879 Cheers Richard
  4. Hi Never seen a complete list of ZA to NSN's, I have a few of the ground spike and will dig them out over the week end to see what numbers(if any) they have on them, I assume that this is what you are talking about Cheers Richard
  5. Hi Not much progress this week, limited time at the "shed", but did manage to get the hand pump supports brackets partially made Thanks to Pete Ashby for supplying me with pattern for the supports (and some useful photos), hopefully will be cutting the back in the next couple of days and welding them up next week, this is what the should look like Next on my list is to attemt to make the facy valves that goes at the bottom of the pump (unless anyone has any of these that they wish to sell), this is specially for MWC's as other bowsers have a different arran
  6. Don't know what the internals are like, I assume there is a piston that goes to and frow. Would it be possibe to re-sleeve it and/or make seal on piston ? Would be interesting to know what the internals look like Cheers Richard
  7. Most likely with traces of the original paint, what type of primer are you using (Cellulose, or Xylene based one) ? Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Bit of help please, the fuel filter NRC9786, what thread size are the inlet and outlet and what size pipe is it designed for ? Thinking about using one for my MWC instead of a cheap plastic one Cheers Richard
  9. Hi I have reduced the size of the T port handle and it looks a lot better Also made a bit more progress on the split pillow/plummer block that supports the front end of the power pump It is made from two heavy duty trailer jockey wheel clamps that I sliced and welded together. The ends were faced by a friends fly cutter and the hole bored out to 2" diameter. brass bits on top to make it a bit more like an original one (photo of Tomas Higgins MWC) The back end of the power pump is attached and supported by a bracket that is attached to the chassis, t
  10. Hi It is called pyramid edging, sometimes it has a small lip on it that can easily be ground of with a flappy disc sander. Here is the link to where got mine from https://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/25NOSE2__Pyramid_Non_slip_Nosing_35_x_5_x_3000mm you can probably get it from other suppliers, it is a very good match for the war time type. Cheers Richard
  11. Next installment... Fitted the offside rear mudguard, the plate that sits on top of the mudguard is all bolted bown Made good progress on the "T" port valve that sits on top of the tank, 7/8" BSP inlets ftom the filters and 1" BSP to the tank. A little more work, especially on the handle as it is a bit too big Cheers Richard
  12. Made of fibreglass.... Make a wooden pattern Make a silicone mold Layer up the fibreglass with brass inserts Now I have the pattern, I could get then cast in brass (but that is very expensive) The beauty about using fibreglass, it is light, strong, cheap and waterproof.
  13. Hi Last week I posted some pictures of the filter brackets.... During lockdown I decided to make my own Stellar Filters as they rarely come up for sale and when they do they are very expensive, so trial fitted one of them today ... They are functional although the water that passes through them isn't filtered. I have the choice of straight or elbowed hosetails, I will end up using the elbowed ones as these will attach to the hand pump (I am considering making these). Filter outlet - to "T" port on top of the tank (Next think on my to make list)
  14. Thanks guys - nice to see who is taking an interest It has been really good to get to do some work on the truck, but lockdown has given me a chance to make some other bits... Next installment on Friday (goanaa - PM sent)
  15. In that last couple of days I got round to doing some of the "just jobs", the ones that always take longer than you think... Drilling large holes in the rear out-riggers to take the rear cross braces, the cross braces are 6mm thick angle section that has has the ends bashed over. and fitting the rear towing eyes threading the pipes that go from the water inlet to the hand pumps and checking that the brass fittings look correct. Nearly finishing off the mudguard angle brackets that attache to the tank. Trial fitting the brackets for the water filters
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