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  1. Hi The bearing is from a Bedford Gear Box - equivalent to an SKF 6307 Cheers Richard
  2. Hi A bit of a long shot, but I am looking to reproduce a data plate for my MWC. The plate relates to priming the power pump before use. I was thinking about getting one etched, but I think the etching depth won't be enough. The size of the plate is 2.5" x 2.5" Does anyone have one of these I could borrow to make a copy or better still does anyone have one for sale? Cheers Richard
  3. Hi Have you asked on the facebook "Bedford lorries past & present" forum ? May be worth a try Cheers Richard
  4. Not broken... just re-positioned and re-shaped 🙂
  5. Hi This is the connector for the R216 reciever For the SUR45 power supply you need a free plug of the same type The pinout looking at the reciever are this is from https://www.radiomuseum.co.uk/R216.html this web site also has details of a "home brew" main power supply. I doubt if you will find a SUR45 which has a DC input (think it is 24V), or a No. 24 power supply which is a mains supply one, in either case the the output socket is a plessey Mk 4 12 pin fine thread Cheers Richard
  6. Hi I assume it is a Plessey Mk4 12 pin free socket, is it a fine thread or coarse thread ? I am sure I have some lurking somewhere Cheers Richard
  7. Hi You have been lucky, they look really good, I have been looking for those strainers for a long time but without success. Is the hinged strainer made from aluninium or galvanised steel ? However, I did manage to find a later type strainer which is not hinged and is made of steel which will suffice until I find an original. Cheers Richard
  8. A great guy, who will sadly be missed
  9. Hi Thanks, just had a look at their on line catalogue but can't see any, will go and have a look when we are out of lockdown Cheers Richard
  10. Hi I am after some 3/4" ID corrugated water hose pipe for my Bedford MWC Any ideas where I can get some ? Cheers Richard
  11. Hi Been doing a bit of tinkering in the "shed" Gun Mounts coming along nicely Wiring slowing taking shape Decals for master switch from Simon King (on this forum, I think he has some left) does help having a A0 wiring diagram to hand Also taking the slack out of accelerator linkages using home made brass bushes
  12. Hi You can get the shackle bolts from the states see https://www.currieenterprises.com/CE-91128 I will see what I have in the shed, but I think they are a bit larger. Are your shackle bolts 1/2" in diameter , or is that the thread on the end The 10cwt trailer parts list is not very helpful in the size of the shackle bolts Cheers Richard
  13. Thanks It all seems to be working now (I am sure the internet has it in for me 🙂) Nice picture by the way (Normandy ?) Cheers Richard
  14. Hi Just tried uploading some photos, but I get the error "Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. Please contact us for assistance." Who is us ? Cheers Richard
  15. Hi I am after a Bedford 28HP timing chain for the power pump on my MWC Any used but generally servicable one (i.e not totally rusted up) would do fine Thanks Richard
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