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  1. Hi Just noticed your coil is mounted in a different place usual ? Is this a "spare" as it doesn't seem to be connected Cheers Richard
  2. The Solex one won't fit on your inlet manifold... If the engine runs fine, I would suggest that you leave it as is. Zenith carbs were fitted to post war Bedford 28HP engines, likwise the oil filter you have. Your MW was probably re-engined at some point in its civillian life. If you do decide to go back to the "war time spec", you will (at a minmum) need to get a new inlet manifold, new carb, new throttle linkage. I think that the exhaust manifold remained the same Carb photos for reference... Cheers Richard
  3. Hi 13RE80 , Chassis number 58996 built under contract S3512 (delivered appx Aug 1944, cost per vehicle was £273 and 13s shillings) . Ended up at the intelligence centre prior to being sold at Ruddington on 12th June 1961. I don’t know if it still exists. Don't suppose you have any photos of 13RE80 or any other MW's ? and did you have to use a Static Trainer or a makeshift rolling road before the let you out on the road ? Cheers Richard
  4. Hi S/O = struck off BER = Beyond Economcial Repair MELF = Middle East Land Forces WD = War Department MOS = Ministry of Supply can't remember what MOA is but someone here will know Cheers Richard
  5. Hi Aeroscreens are often referred to as pneumonia trucks Cheers Richard
  6. Hi Bedford MWs changed from being aeroscreen from chassis number 26308. Yours would have been built as an aeroscreen. Also the bonnet number Z1661333 means that it underwent a rebuild during or just after WW2. As to why it says "closed cab" at the top of the key cards this is because most of the MW's in the 22RA04 TO 38RA99 range are closed can ones or were converted to close cab ones before the change to the later post war registrations. In addition quite a few MW's had different cabs fitted after disposal like... Cheers Richard
  7. Hi - thanks for the photo, there should be another data plate that shows the contract number, this is either on he passenger side of the bulhead under the bonnet or on the instrument panel. According to my records it is from contract V3904, which was for 3000 MWD's, contract was placed on 19th April 1940 with first deliveries on 27th Feb 1941. Contract V3904 is a messy contract, but a good estimate of date of delivery to the Army is 6th May 1941. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi The RLC museum does have the key card for 25RA37. If you let me have the chassis and contract number, I should be able to give you a very good estimate of the date of manufacture (to within a week or two). The key card will give you information as to the chassis number, contract number, original war time bonnet number (Zxxxxxxx) and date/place of sale. It won't give you any history of which units the vehicle served with, you may be luck if there is remnats of unit markings under the layers of paint. Cheers Richard
  9. I will hang on to it, someone will want it at some time in the future, far too nice to cut up just for the brass Cheers Richard
  10. Do any of these still exist ? Cheers Richard
  11. Hi At least you know now... Just don't sleep next to it They are very effective ATU's. The one I have for my C13 is in my back room and I haven't grown two heads yet [my wife may think otherwise at times ] Cheers Richard Cheers
  12. Hi Danny They are for attaching the front axle sling, this was introduced at chassis number 62898 Cheers Richard
  13. Hi No idea what it is from, but it will make an interesting restoration project (assuming that you are going to get it running) Cheers Richard
  14. Hi Danny Glad you are still working on your truck, all looking good Cheers Richard
  15. Hi Could always do this instead.... Cheers Richard
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