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  1. Beat me too it......... My local glass merchants cut new laminated glass for my closed cab MW, the glass merchants should also be able to "chamfer" the edges Cheers Richard
  2. All The HMS Collingwood Heritage Collection/Museum has closed after nearly 70 years of existence. The Collection and its archive is to be moved off site to a new, as yet, unspecified location. At its future location(s) it will come under the management of the National Museum of the Royal Navy. The collection is being moved so that the space it occupies becomes “… a Centre of Excellence, which will be used by trainees and trainers alike working closely with the training provider[ Fisher Training Ltd]…” http://www.rnmuseumradarandcommunications2006.org.uk/ Sad to see another mu
  3. Very interesting - thanks for sharing Cheers Richard
  4. Hi Keith Thanks for posting those... They have confirmed a couple design assumptions about early Bedford MW's and MWC's Cheers
  5. Hi The Oil Can holder looks correct I think that the oil can is commercial post war?, think it should look like Item 37 Cheers Richard
  6. Hi I have one and it is a nice set and works well, covers 2m,4m & 6m in the amateur bands, the only manual I could ever find is AESP 5820-F-299-201 , which you now have. I use it standalone and have never found the harness that it can fit into, think I have a spare stubby antenna for it somewhere (there is a nice label on it stating stand 0.2m away due radiation hazard) Like some of the other recent military radios they will be virtually impossible to repair. Cheers Richard
  7. Hi As you probably know Phil Bashall is retiring and is selling up all(?) his stock, this is being done by sealed bid auction see https://auction.dunsfold.com/ Cheers Richard
  8. Hi A couple of observations / comments... As you are welding old steel to new steel, the old steel may well have rust and other impurities that will stop a good flow Also when welding old to new steel. The old steel needs to be really really clean, clear of any rust and thoroughly de-greased (likewise for the new steel). If you don't do this then rust will soon bubble through. (Learnt through experience) Also good idea to give welded items a light coat of paint to prevent surface rust, especially important as it damp at the moment. Any small unseen voids can also be seale
  9. Hi It's a scam vehicle is located in Japan ! see https://www.autolink.co.jp/12392-japan-used-land+rover-lightweight-1980-suv.html Cheers Richard
  10. Hi I have a set of machine readable manuals for the FH70, PM me if you want a copy Cheers Richard
  11. Hi The bearing is from a Bedford Gear Box - equivalent to an SKF 6307 Cheers Richard
  12. Hi A bit of a long shot, but I am looking to reproduce a data plate for my MWC. The plate relates to priming the power pump before use. I was thinking about getting one etched, but I think the etching depth won't be enough. The size of the plate is 2.5" x 2.5" Does anyone have one of these I could borrow to make a copy or better still does anyone have one for sale? Cheers Richard
  13. Hi Have you asked on the facebook "Bedford lorries past & present" forum ? May be worth a try Cheers Richard
  14. Not broken... just re-positioned and re-shaped 🙂
  15. Hi This is the connector for the R216 reciever For the SUR45 power supply you need a free plug of the same type The pinout looking at the reciever are this is from https://www.radiomuseum.co.uk/R216.html this web site also has details of a "home brew" main power supply. I doubt if you will find a SUR45 which has a DC input (think it is 24V), or a No. 24 power supply which is a mains supply one, in either case the the output socket is a plessey Mk 4 12 pin fine thread Cheers Richard
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