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  1. Wally you were good enough to find my jeep on an auction list, if you have the time sometime I have found another jeep owner with a jeep that also went to auction at same time. It was s/o 1-4-59 also through ruddington. 12YJ09 is it possible to find out which day and what the batch made. thankyou in advance Gerry
  2. some interesting vehicles there Wally That jeep is not mine though, mine is 49YH39 but correct - you kindly pointed me to that sale and my jeep. Gerry
  3. Harper, What an amazing collection of "T's" wow. thanks for posting
  4. Thanks Wally- I was beginning to wonder if it was signed off rather than sold. Brilliant
  5. Please Wally. I rechecked the keycard- 1- 4- 59 so written up wrong.
  6. Thanks Wally- I thought it was 1st April'59
  7. spotted a fantastic project on a bodyshop truck m20 and again m25 this eve original Katy ambulance. is the owner on here?
  8. Anyone else see the flying boat going over Colchester towards Clacton today. twin engine, with an American emblem on 1 wing. Sorry not clued up on flying boats
  9. John, if the trailer tree is getting too big, consider a 30% reduction (on the tree not the collection:D ), if it comes out well... i spy another trailer tree in the making :clap:.
  10. Mustang coming to land at North Weald airfield- flew over us working in the wood on a chainsaw refresher training course.
  11. A12 this morning near witham heading (North) colchester bound a jeep and bantam trailer with a canvas raised top on the trailer. is the owner on here???or known??? I am interested in making a similar option to carry more kit.
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