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  1. Wally you were good enough to find my jeep on an auction list, if you have the time sometime I have found another jeep owner with a jeep that also went to auction at same time. It was s/o 1-4-59 also through ruddington. 12YJ09 is it possible to find out which day and what the batch made. thankyou in advance Gerry
  2. Chris I have sent u pm. Dvla took 2 weeks once I sent the mvt letter in. Before sending your form phone them- very helpful- don't fill in boxes they don't require for historic vehicle. My GMC was never registered elsewhere so I had that to deal with. My registration was dealt with June 2016.
  3. [quote name= Like Pete Ashby I had previously sent payment to be told that the record could not be found. (25 pound fee I think!) I would never have given this another thought. thanks again. Andrew B. We know other people who have also benefited from both the digitalisation of the records and Nicks drive to find records. I am indebted to both Nick and Gregory for their help in our research. Also to the owners for working with us to build our knowledge of contracts and wartime hood numbers.
  4. Good work Nick. Amazing the way it's starting to come together.
  5. Maurice- that is a link to Vultures blog and his work- sorry I just shared the link. Gerry.
  6. Talk to owners, look at trucks- research models there are 6 marks from civilian to hardcab to soft cab- lots of differences. I purchased a 353 tipper before Xmas. I wanted soft cab winch and tipper. Take a look here- http://cckwphotoblog.blogspot.co.uk/p/cckw-valuations.html
  7. That's my guess too Pete. I know they were about spring 45 and I found a low rebuild no. On a early 43 mb. That is the lowest rebuild on the latest jeep. But I hope someone can confirm. Thanks for posting.
  8. Does anyone know when and where the M15##### rebuild programme started. We now have a lot of M15 hood numbers and I know it was wartime But when exactly did it start. Any help appreciated. Gerry
  9. Hi Guys- a Further Question, We on the Jeeps Rebuilt by British Army facebook group have worked together to share our keycards for research purposes. i know some of the members are also on here. Our Question is- To those who have not seen their keycard, But have a brass Repair plate with either a YH or YJ registration on it for their jeep- Records are available- please contact us. We now have key cards to provide approx 500 Jeep details and hope more people will be interested and also obtain and share their keycard details. Regards Gerry
  10. Jon, drop an email to the membership sec,andc attach payment email - i joined in jan and had a similar problem- i had confirmation email but they had a problem with notification by payment firm. sorted now
  11. I never thought about it in that light thanks Clive
  12. Hi Guys We on the British jeep Facebook page are trying to work out what on a keycard the abbreviation "C R" Before the s/o date means and we have come up with component recovery or cleared record as ideas. Can you guys please help. :undecided: Much appreciated. Gerry
  13. Thanks for putting the link to this Clive. Really interesting Gerry
  14. As Martyn said welcome. I can understand your move mate- i had a mk1 mexico for 26yrs and loved it but was time to move on- ok so as investment I should have keep it, but the military movement is more fun and "Friendly"- i don't regret the move. Oh and I have a GPW jeep and a GMC Tipper. Gerry NE Essex
  15. so airport cafe breakfasts need to be finished early.
  16. I had a chat with them. They are communicating via email and phone they said. The public car parking will be in right hand field as we enter from road. behind where the booking in stall was first yr. The no exit rule applies Sat afternoon until 6am Sunday. I was told a roadway will be down so exit Sunday is easy.
  17. You need to get a copy ofwarpaint by Duck Taylor I think vol.3 but check them out. Also info is online.
  18. Charlie- can you see if u can get any pictures please, if so can u post them on ww2 jeeps rebuilt by british army fb page Thanks Gerry
  19. I dont have a problem with a mix if u know why. My jeep is a british army rebuild and I knowvher rebuild no. But a jeep without that info worrys people.
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