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Army Auxiliary workshops during ww2

Niels v

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Is it possible to retrace where an Auxiliary workshop was during the war, I have a vehicle that was rebuild at the workshop called B 42, the 19/10-44?

Does any one know where this was ?



These workshops were civilian contractors appointed by the Ministry of Supply. They could have been manufacturers repair depots or normal garages. I checked on this subject years ago with REME museum and there was no known list at that time.

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Does the TT 3 (BR) stand for the Tyne tees 3rd british? We're these part of Monty's Ironsides??


if so could you not trace where they where in October 1944, maybe Belgium somewhere?





The "TT3(BR)" has nothing to do with any army units, the plate was issued by the Ministry of Supply who procured the vehicles and covered the overhauls. I believe it refers to a dept. of that organisation

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RICHARDS explanation is very well given as he says TT BR has nothing to do with a army unit as to the records from the

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY at one time it was said they were held at the MOD LIBRARY in LONDON but a request from the museum of army transport for information in the 1990s on this subject resulted in been told they had no record of there were abouts

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Now that's an area I can speak with some confidence on, having seen the process in action!

All records get shunted on to the National Archives eventually, any records they deem to be of significance to the public interest will be kept by them (MoS records here: http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/details?Uri=C251) any records that they do not want get sent further down the line to various public museums and holdings. I still have the flow diagram somewhere showing the general process (it's very generic covering all documents, not just military so doesn't name specific institutes)


If someone was willing to spend a few days going through TNAs stuff they might come across something, but since their cataloguing is by necessity rather vague, you wont be able to specifically look for the list on their computer systems.

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This file might be worth a look :-




There are various clues in the NA MoS files but I've yet to see the '"Rosetta stone' that unlocks it all. The situation may not be helped by the fact that there seems to have been a severe rationalisation in 1949 and the old papers may have been long since disposed of.

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