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  1. The YYYY-MM-DD format is 1944-06-06, which many Windows desktop and laptop machines use in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I was not suggesting that it should be used here. Trevor
  2. GeePig

    An annoyance

    I don't know, I seem to have plenty of room for graphics on my desktop screen trevor
  3. I imagine that if someone had the time and a spare head to play with, it should be easy to figure out. trevor
  4. Sadly not true, as with most generalisms with language, it is merely the most common form. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the YYYY-MM-DD format, as I have to edit texts from all over the world, but I do not feel the need for a birthday function on this forum. trevor, in Poland
  5. Depends on what you want out of a link, I suppose. However, there is a message below it when you are pasting it in that asks if you want the preview or a plain link. I think the plain type would be better as the default. trevor
  6. That sounds like one mean sewing machine. I love using them, so many things become possible that one never considered before. Just say no to curtains and cushions trevor
  7. I hope that I can get to see the documentary here in Poland. As it is, these days I am probably physically closer to the memorial tanks in Ukraine than the the one in Ashford, if they are still in position. Maybe one day I will get to see them. trevor
  8. Ah, I see, the link had a nice little summary as well. I have never seen such weapons fired, and most texts seem to deal with what happens to the projectile after it exits the barrel rather than what happens on the other end of the barrel... Trevor
  9. Ashford, in Kent, is a nice place to visit, with the remains of a REME workshop, the remains of a major rail depot, the rusting remains of airfield track from the former Advanced Landing Ground, and the remains of a pleasant town centre. Oh, did I forget to mention the Mk IV female tank? It's real, and it's free to see. Trevor
  10. Hi Doug, it is indeed from an era where such things were still in development, and it would be interesting to find a paper from that time that gave us some idea. There may even be a patent for it out there. Four strokes still respond to pipe length, though, which is why on performance cars the exhaust manifold often looks like a bowl of spaghetti in an attempt to fit in a set of primaries of the right, equal length. I just wish I still had access to a dyno to try out this ball design. Trevor
  11. Nice sewing machine. Does it have a set of needles? I had a problem with my former sewing machine in that the locating flat on the needle shank was 90 degrees out from any needle I could find. Trevor
  12. Maybe that downpipe was a tuned length, venting into a 'large' space. The fact that the downpipe extended into the ball while the exit pipe did not could be an attempt to ensure the required tuned length, discourage reverse flows and encourage the gas to escape. It may even have had some silencing qualities, but it is all delightfully mysterious. trevor
  13. I still wait for a Żuk with a military history, and then try to convince my wife... I think I know where there is one that, based on its location, was once a border patrol crew van. trevor
  14. No one is asking you to use Facebook, and this forum is not even close in structure to Facebook, or purpose. Spending time hating other people and their efforts is non-productive, as is trying to prove the past was better when you and I both helped to make the world what it is today. Just do not give up on the people around you, we can all help. Today I figured out how to put a plain link in a post rather than getting a small summary of the link - and kicked myself for not noticing before the option that appears after I pasted the link to choose which format... another duh moment. trevor
  15. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/20590-ww2-20cwt-water-trailerbowser-restoration/?do=findComment&comment=304568 You mean you wanted this link? Try: Click the 'share' symbol in the top right of the post Copy the link that comes up Paste it in your post - and then the following appears underneath it: Your link has been automatically embedded. Display as a link instead So click: 'Display as a link instead'. trevor
  16. I really do not see how it is harder - there is the same structure, and the text is a bit bigger and easier to read. In fact it is easier to scroll through topics because once you have finished reading the new posts in one thread, there is a convenient link under the last post that will take you to the next thread with unread posts. trevor
  17. When you say you cannot access the site, what do you see when you try? Some kind of message? Blank screen? A page that fails to complete loading? I could not access image sites like Flickr for a while a couple of months ago, but the problem disappeared when Firefox updated itself. So it could be your browser or operating system playing around. Have you tried on both a normal computer and smartphone? trevor
  18. GeePig

    New Format

    I like the link at the bottom right of a thread that takes you to the next thread with unread posts in that section - I now find myself reading more threads than I used to... trevor
  19. What is that inscription, I cannot quite make it out. Can we be sure it is a gun quadrant? I am not that familiar with such things, but I cannot see any attachment points. trev
  20. May I suggest that you read: If I may ask, what do you like about the forum? The way I look at it is this: imagine that someone saw your work and said you clearly had worked hard at it, but they did not like this and that. Would you not want to know at least one thing they liked about what you had done, other than work hard? trevor
  21. I suspect that removing the paint to look for any knee grip holes will be a pleasure...
  22. GeePig

    New Format

    I like the new forum, although getting images into a post was a bit tricky first time through. It looks like a forum, and runs like a forum, but not quite one like from 1997. I would rather people listed the problems they were experiencing, rather than just announcing their woes - because that is one of the functions of this forum, surely?
  23. You can find the condensed button above and to the right of listing of forum content, such as on the page you get by clicking the 'Next Posts' button. See the picture below.



  24. The lorry looks nice, but I do not trust the paintwork at all, it looks like it was prepped for a filmset. trevor
  25. GeePig

    New Format

    Googling is good, and when you do it is worth looking at the results to see if it suggests a Wikipedia page. They may be full of waffle, but the pictures can be very informative. A screenshot is what it says on the packet, a 'shot' or 'photograph' of the screen. For the 'condensed' and 'expanded' buttons they were actually shown on this screenshot: Anyway, if you have figured out how to post here, you are doing OK. trevor
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