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  1. Hi all, I’ve finally got around to restoring my binned stores trailer. I’ve reconstructed the front draw bar with new C channel and original handbrake assembly, I’m going to weld it on and insert through bolts just to make sure it doesn’t break off It might be a rolling trailer minus the binned stores by this Easter?? I don’t have a jeep anymore to tow it 😂
  2. I haven't done much to the trailer since last time I posted, work and family commitments took priority! i have some spare time this week and I'm hoping to sort the draw bar out this week and get a rolling chassis. hey Richard do you have any spare bodywork for me to copy ??
  3. H John, I was the other high bidder on the trailer, it wasn't advertised very well and I thought I'd struck lucky, glad it's gone to a good home though. it looks taller than the other one you had. Dave
  4. Hi Rob, thanks for the info. I have got a quote from a foundry in Bradford x 6 locks for £40 + vat in brass :cheesy: Regards Dave
  5. I just need 5 more I think? I'm thinking of getting them made up on a 3D printer and then casting them out of pewter as a trial and then brass later? thanks for listing them
  6. Hi all, I'm still in the process of gathering parts to restore my 10cwt stores trailer and I need some more locker door catches, I recently acquired 3 on eBay but I need a few more. does anyone have any stashed away or know a person / location where there may be some? regards Dave
  7. Thanks Simon, I'll have to check some of my local companies to see if they can do it? Dave
  8. Hi simon, it's coming on well! Did you get the c section steel off the shelf or did you get it folded somewhere?? Dave
  9. Hi tony, the trailers looking great, I'm still amassing parts for mine. what is the book you display, is it still available? Dave
  10. Hi guys, I was trawling ebay the other day and this might be nice for someone? item number = 181120845583 looks very similar to mine but with a sankey tow hitch Dave
  11. Hi Lex, nice collection of engines there! The engine I was looking at was in a home made scooter from the 1950's it was registered in 1949, the engine number was what attracted me but it would have only been for me to sell on as I have a nice running engine in my repro Welbike or I may have swapped it over but I've got too much on at the mo so I let it go! The bike went for £460 if that helps. Dave
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the info but I passed up the offer of the engine as I wasn't sure it was correct or not as the engine number seemed very low, it didn't have any manifolds with it but it did have the decompressor blanking plug which was original so maybe it was?? Who knows eh?? Dave
  13. Hi Ron, thanks for the repl, the seller states that the serial number starts XXE 7?? So it's a pretty early Welbike if it's legit. Dave
  14. Hi guys, I have the chance to buy an original Welbike engine with a 3 digit engine number, my question is how much would this be worth if I was to sell it on? It has no manifolds with so it's just a bog standard engine?? Dave
  15. Hi guys I'm starting to slowly get the bits for my trailer, I was wondering what the dimensions for the holes on the rear pintle hook, I would measure my own but it's being shot blasted at the mo! Dave
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