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432 Mk 1 07EA33 with Peake Turret

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Thought i'd better document the restoration of the 432 on here for everyone. I bought it about 8 weeks ago from Bill on here as a vehicle to get the lads to the church for my wedding. At the moment it has what is left of its white UN guise so fits in with the wedding and the misses thinks it's a great idea WTF !!!!


It is in very poor condition but well deserves to be saved from the scrap man. The foot throttle i knew was stuck and had to be controlled from the engine which made unloading by myself er interesting. I really need to get some more arms! As soon as it was unloaded a horrendous screech followed by a lovely plume of smoke coming out the engine bay and that heavenly smell of burning rubber...... Alternator jammed and belts smoking away. Well thats the first job that needs doing then.


Basically the aim is to get it running for the wedding and then beginning August a full bare metal nut & bolt rebuild. I've sorted the alternator now and started sourcing all the bits for the rebuild. Will post picks next week as they are all on the office computer.


A big thanks to Bill for putting up with me and do you want the 3865 ladybirds and rat back?


Pic of her in Bills yard.




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Arriving on the longest 40" artic I've ever seen!



Old alternator being a a@#e to get out. In the end I had to cut the securing ring on the cable having tried everything.




New one in and all running and charging :) although there is a leakage somewhere as i don't recommend connecting the battery in shorts with your leg touching any metal like the seat your sitting in !!!! lol




Throttle is all free now but she does not like ticking over. I'm guessing the petrol has gone off so that will be a job for next week along with a clean of the fuel filters.

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Bits for the restoration are coming together



Full new roll of Trakmark :)


New set of pads


Spare set of track with almost new pads and spare back door ( for the BV shelf )


Some new track, Bar mine layer tow bar & rotating beacon post



Found a few other bits like GPMG mount but would really like another power pack so one can be done up and the vehicle is still mobile. If anyone knows of one please let me know.


A message for anyone out there that is about to loose interest in their military vehicle CLOSE THE F#@$!~G HATCHES.

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Some tips for the Trakmark:



  • Buy a heat gun
  • Cut some decent sized pieces from the roll and re-roll them in the opposite direction until you need them
  • Continue the Trakmark round the back of the foam so it won't unstick like the original






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Another pallet of bits turned up yesterday :)


Battery boxes, battery bars, aerial bases, aerials, commander and drivers scopes, Front and rear track guards, headsets and a few other bits.


Is there a way to tell or does anyone know if it should have a 2 or 3 radio setup?



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Thanks Bob, pm sent.


Bit hot here to be mucking around with nuts and bolts that don’t want to move but had to remove the turret seat as i keep cracking my head on it due to it being stuck in the extended position and therefore not able to clip in place in the up position. Anyway i think i am always thoughtful when working on afv like putting the cover back on a steering box and having spanners on string when in the engine bay. I couldn't plan for taking a socket off whilst sitting on top and it jumping out my hand, bouncing off the Peake turret, then the GPMG mount, going through the drivers hatch, bouncing off the instrument panel straight into the black hole of the open engine bay...... :( Goodbye 9/16ths socket :( lol



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Think of the 9/16 socket as resting untill you pull the pack. It will probably have made friends with all the other tools that are waiting for you in the gunge under the engine.


I am very jealous of your pallet of new track pads. My 434 had its nice new tracks swapped by Withams for ones with nackered pads before it was sold so those are the biggest thing on my wants list now.



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Next question. Speedo is not working. Checked cable speedo end and no movement with engine running. Gone to check end coming off power pack and i cant figure out how it comes out. It must do to remove the power pack but i don't want to force it. You can see below the brass nut undoes easily and there is a black sheethed cable inside. Does this just pull out?


Cheers, C.


Speedo cable.jpg

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I have no experience with FV432s (although I'd like to :cool2:) but with all the speedo cables I've fooled with, after you undid the locking nut, they usually just pulled out. At least that's been the case with all of the American MVs I've fooled with and the ferret Mk.1/2 (00EA85) as well. Curious to read if it's the same with the trojans as well. Good Luck!




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Do you really mean the speedo cable? I wouldn't expect it to turn with the engine running, the vehicle needs to move for that!




Good point, Andy! The speedo cables that I've removed were all attached to the transmission (and the speedometer at the opposite end :-D) . embarresed that I didn't pick up on that :red:...



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Some pics of bits and bobs so far.


Rear offside



Driving position



Radio Bay. Anyone know what goes on or in the top right rack



NBC system



Radio distribution box



CO2 system



Looking down top of GPMG mount in turret



Turret traverse limiter stop (not sure how this works yet?)



Turret ID plate



Good view through the fromt hatch






Yey, new turret gearbox arrived today.




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