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  1. This thread and your workmanship, Capt.Max have certainly been an inspiration to the rest of us with or without ferrets...That reminds me, I really need to get back on mine........ Regards, Matt
  2. Not sure. I'll take a closer look and see. Thanks for the reply. Matt
  3. Adjustable spanners don't get as firm a grip on the fastener to be removed as I'd like. I've seen them round off the flat corners of bolts/nuts before. So let's not go there....... Matt
  4. I have a ferret Mk. 1/2 that I'm working on. Would like to remove the rubber lines that are plugged into the oil cooler so that I can remove the cooler itself & straighten all of the little "hoops". Anyone know what size spanner would fit the rubber hoses? All of the fasteners on my ferret seem to be SAE and I've tried a couple of different sized wrenches on there but they are either a lose fit or won't go on at all (wonder if they might be metric?). Thanks.
  5. Went with option B and now I have to deal with those little caged nuts. I guess even nuts don't like being in cages :-D. While I was removing the last two bolts I had my body propped up against the plate to keep it from falling free, onto the floor. When the last two bolts were out, the plate was still held fast to the hull. Had to use a malet to break the plate free from the hull. Apparently, someone had used caulk to make a seal between the plate & the flange it bolts up to. Has anyone else ever seen that done before?
  6. Thanks. I was pretty much leaning towards option B, as well. I've removed those plates before on other ferrets & they're not that heavy but I still don't want it falling on me :cool2:. Matt
  7. Attempting to remove rear plate from my ferret so I gain access to the radiator (belts & hose replacement). There are two bolts on the lower (sloping) side of the armor that are oposite one another with boogered up nuts. The nuts turn inside their cages along with the bolt when I place a socket on them. I tried jamming a flat head screw driver inside the cage to hold the nut in place but no dice, nuts still turn w/ bolt. Here's what I was thinking: A) I haven't removed the bolts across the top (vertical face)of the plate as I was saving those for last (don't want the plate to fal
  8. I went back through some of the earlier pages and found a mix. Matt
  9. Look'n good Capt. Max. Your turn around time in this resto is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing. A Question for those subscribed to this thread: The universals used in those drive shafts, are they a standard size or something unique to the ferret? Matt
  10. That's interesting as I had heard it was just the opposite. I have no experience with either, so I'll bow to your expertise in the matter :cool2: . Matt
  11. Currently I have a Ferret Mk.1/2 & Land Rover S-3 air portable light weight. Both under resto... Matt Have owned: M37(X2),WC51,WC62,M59APC,M151A1,M151A2(X2),M38...Thought there was more to this list... :embarrassed: :cool2:.
  12. I was aware of why the Aussies removed the turrets from the Saladins (to make fire support vehicles out of the M113s). But thought that when they were finished with them, the turrets were then reunited with their armored car bodies. Guess this wasn't the case after all? Don't know but it was a good idea for a low budget SPG. A turret-less Saladin armed with a .50 cal MG ala Stuart recce. I guess then the turreted M113 is sort of reminisent of the M5 SPG?
  13. Subscribed! Always liked the look of AFVs w/o their turrets on. Wonder what the performance of that saladin would be like w/o all that weight? Also curious about that "chopped" ferret. Interesting mod to the rear plate. Matt
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