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  1. Hi all, It seems the Wolf had developed an electrical fault and I just wanted to pick everyone's brains. It started about a week ago and at the moment runs and drives fine. Standard 24V system, not fitted for radio and not modified. First symptom was the red battery warning light on the dash started to glow very slightly on tickover. It extinguishes itself with the very slightest of revs. Secondly the temp gauge rises as normal but does not stop halfway but goes almost all the way to the red after 5 miles. If any electrics are used in the vehicle, heater, headlights, indicators, brake lights etc.. the temp gauge goes straight into the red all the way to the limit. On turning off said electrical it returns to just below the red. I'm guessing that there is a short somewhere? Any ideas? Cheers, Charlie
  2. I would love a CET and will hopefully one day get one without too much cr#p from my beloved. An immense amount of vehicle and switches for your bucks :-)
  3. Looks like the new deact regs come into force (or rather 'came into force') on 8 January, 2016 and applies from 8 April, 2016 !!?? http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=OJ:L:2015:333:FULL&from=EN ???? C.
  4. As the event has grown it's about time I started a military section so any Military vehicle owners that would be interested in bringing and showing off their military vehicle please get in touch. Codicote Village Day started as a small village fete and has now grown into a good sized event with over 150 stalls, 100 attractions, fun fair, arena, classic cars, agricultural & construction machinery and about 6000 visitors on the day. It is traditionally a 1 day event although there is free camping for anyone wanting to stay on the Friday & Saturday night. We are hoping to have live entertainment on the Saturday night with a beer tent and live music but this has yet to be confirmed. There is a parade through the high street which is not compulsory to join in but the more the merrier. And if you don't want to bring a vehicle just come along and enjoy the day! Admission is free :-) Cheers, Charlie
  5. No Arjan. Found him, he is argentc on here. The village day is in Codicote near Stevenage in Hertfordshire. Thinking about it we really should start a military area. Will post a new thread tomorrow with all the details and see if anyone is interested in coming along for a camp, a beer & a play :-)
  6. Colin (on here somewhere) and myself run the local village day and it's a small show in comparison 150 stalls, Fun fair, arena, attractions bla bla bla and we get about 6000 through the gate on the day (free entry). What we do appreciate which seems to have been lost here and which we always try to remember is the attractions and exhibits are the show! We supply a field, water, loos and a bit of tiger tape but without the attractions and the generosity of the owners taking the time and absorbing the cost to bring it and show it off (hopefully they enjoy the day as well) we would end up with an empty field and no attractions and that's not going to entice the punters in. Not enough punters and the stalls stop coming. No stalls = no income for the insurance etc = no show and we get a free weekend Colin, happy days !!!
  7. See they also sell those scam explosive detectors!
  8. Well that's criminal! Surely all they had to do was put it on fleabay and they'd got a tad! more than scrap price. and it might still be around today?
  9. Thanks Mash, thats the one, found them on ebay. Appreciated. C.
  10. Hi all, The rear cover on the alternator has lost 2 of the 3 bolts and hence come loose. They are actually nuts (i.e. a bolt like looking thing except no external thread and a hole drilled with internal threads), with a hex key head. I have looked at the Illustrated parts cat and they are not shown! First time I have come across something not shown in the IPC, may be a oversight. Anyone know what the part number is or a source? Cheers, C.
  11. Ok, just got my December issue of Windscreen through from the MVT, not a mention. Been a member of BASC for as long as I can remember and not heard a word about it from them! not even an email. Picked up a mates shooting times yesterday and guess what, not a mention!!!!!! Whats going on!!!!!!
  12. Thanks everyone, appreciated & love the history snippet Richard :-)
  13. Which is it chaps as i've seen both used? Also after a pair of adapters for a 432 if anyone has some hanging about? C.
  14. Somehow it's moved? It's here; https://www.change.org/p/council-of-the-european-union-eu-you-cannot-stop-terrorism-by-restricting-legal-gun-ownership
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