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  1. Yes the tank vent comes out between the rear window hatches. It can get blocked by spiders etc moving into the pipe.
  2. Good luck. ...and nice choice of vehicle.
  3. The booking link on this page does not function. ...hopefully it can be sorted soon.
  4. I used ARC recovery in Stonehouse Gloucestershire to pick my ferret up from devon , but remember if it doesn't run you'll need to get it to a main road for him to load.....no good if in a garage or field etc , as I found out after 8 hours trying to get the ferret I bought to a main road from the bottom of a single track lane in devon!!. Sorry I don't have a number as it was 5 years ago I used them. It cost 380 from dartmoor to stroud in Gloucestershire.
  5. Welcome from a ferret owner in Gloucestershire.
  6. I've never put the 12x12 up or down in the rain...and don't fancy it haha
  7. Thanks Paul. I can't believe it wet lol......it's been nothing but sunny around by me for most of the month, baking hot since Tuesday! I might have to rethink my my flip flops and speedo dress code
  8. Is anyone able to post about the site conditions or any pictures yet? :thanx:
  9. Thanks paul...I'm traveling sunday and as long as the m35's brakes don't fail like coming home last year I'm very much looking forward to it
  10. Not even hello lol.....Welcome karlsen
  11. Welcome, and that's a great introduction. .....I've also got a hidden want for a tractor, it must be something about being a Gloucestershire yockle haha
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