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  1. Why not just melt some red candle wax and paint on the line with that
  2. Yes, made out of a Bedford by the looks of it. From memory there are no 1914 Pattern Armoured cars about? The irish one and the one at Bovington are the 1920 pattern
  3. Sat here in my office at my PC I have just caught sight of that Rotherhams oiler again and remembered about it. Will it do you to replace the squashed one?. Bar the threads it looks identical. Let me know
  4. The 5 tonner Bill Briggs had was also on roller eccentrics. I believe it went back to Fodens at some point and had them fitted.
  5. Dave, bust going up a rather large hill. The crank had bust and been welded in the 1930's, we believe after a full astern + steam incident with a child. This broke the crank, a trunk guide and a cab upright (2 1/2 square ash) at least. No other damage the second time. Though the engine did start to run backwards down the hill, got enough momentum to go over a chock. But it jackknifed the trailer and put a stop to things very quickly. About a month earlier father experienced a very large noise like something breaking whilst driving down the road, but despite spending half an hour
  6. Dave, having suffered a broken crank on the Marshall, I would check the centre portion between the webs also. Thats where mine broke
  7. The carb is very like an early Austin 7 one. Is it a 22mm?
  8. sorry for the delay, I forget to look every time I go to the shed (busy with this!) Amongst the treasure: Needs the thread doctoring
  9. the earlier Avelings have the same arrangement as your Foden. Termed a 'nipple' cylinder. Avelings fitted with this cylinder are obvious by the small number of visible fastenings
  10. The oldfiend you have is very nice. Its just a base model without the red rear tracer as it were. The three lamps on the B&W photo posted are all Powell & Hanmer. I've an example of the self generator and two and a half of the sidelights here.
  11. I'll see what I have, the thread is unusual
  12. What size thread is the Rotherhams?
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