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Thread: Italy to ban all Nazi symbols

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooTallMike View Post
    I think this type of ban stems from the fear that countries such as Germany, Japan and so on have, that their history may repeat itself if not kept under tight check.
    This is something that we (by which I mean British people) will never truly understand as we do not carry that fear in our national psyche.

    - MG
    that's what I thought at first too, but at 2nd glance, is the 2nd coming of Hitler/Mussolini really the most worrying possible future development for the European populace or Italian government? I can think of a few far more dangerous outcomes.

    I think what it comes down to is Italy simply putting forth a politically correct front to protect it's Tourist Industry, the so-called " service industry" , employs 3 out of 4 people, and having people selling Nazi symbols on the beach is not helpful. As someone pointed out earlier, it's an interesting contradiction from all the "Soviet Union nostalgia" you see for sale in greater parts of Eastern Europe and Russia.

    At any rate, I don't see Italian police kicking down doors and raiding private collections like they do in Germany. Folks will just need to remain discreet with their stuff , which is typical anyway. Most collectors are caught in this interesting paradox where they want to share their collection with the world but rightfully fear a backlash / unfair judgement of being " Nazi revisionists/revivalists" , when in fact this element is a tiny minority IMO.

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    Default Re: Italy to ban all Nazi symbols

    Presumably in Italy a ban on Nazi symbols will be distinct from a ban on Mussolini era Italian Fasist symbols? And what about books and articles on the web; will there be a blob painted over every photogragh where such symbols are shown?

    Some say that in the UK we are less offended by nazi symbols, as we were never invaded, and yet its not against the law to wear a Nazi uniform in Poland, especially when re-enacting!
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