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  1. So now we have lawyers on the case...they EHDC have just announced another old farm is going to be developed into 1500 homes...thats well over 50 acres and my little two acre museum cant go ahead because it will be harmful to the countryside even though the field has no agricultural value whatsoever and yet the 1500 homes less than a mile away on excellent pasture land is not harmful...its no wonder this country is fucked...its full of people who literally control everything to their own plans and if your don't fit then bugger off...and this idiot government has given them the powers to do so...in ALton w have nothing but thousands of new homes...no business no leisure opportunities nothing, my museum would bring much need interest and leisure activities, a nice coffee shop and restaurant a place for mums to hang out a kiddies play area, it would help children with their GCSE exams where the cold war is now and official subject...the museum has many plusses and the negatives, its not in keeping with the countryside, a container park next door literally, 1500 homes less than a mile away, another 1000 homes 500 yards away...its just plain sick...
  2. Hi yes it should have offered you a refund if you had bought tickets...its very frustrating at the moment...they have just announced another 1300 homes about half a mile away on high uality farm land...mine is just and acre of crap farm land and they dont want a museum...this country is screwed up completely...
  3. yes this I am learning but we will be putting a great deal of pressure now...its just amazing the power, to ignore everything and everyone, that they have over our land. ..
  4. i have been drawing up plans, I have four options, 1. is continue fighting...i have done this all my life... 2 is find another location, i am looking hard and have a tie up already with another museum and 55 acres have just come available next door which may turn out to be a massive boost... 3. I have looked at Florida, and Georgia, places where I could make a very good living out of the museum and the costs of moving are not great...it may be the only answer. 4. Buy in another country where people are not like those in Beech, my local village, who think people from council houses should never be allowed to do well in life, and should always be treated as the scum of the earth even if they do, and believe me that is what they think....I have it in writing...
  5. well here we go again, the council have said that we cannot open on the 28 day rule because we are a multiuse site...another twist on the facts...we now are at lawyers level and seeking court orders to allow us to do what we have the rights to do...you would think we were opening a nuclear dump site, next door we have a container park full of two story high containers bright blue and other colours, yet in my field we can have nothing... its ludicrous and just shows how contemptuous the planning laws are in this country and how planners apply them to suit their whims or the whims of the local mafia...
  6. 8 more today...looks like its going to be very well attended..
  7. we have 8 booked already and another 10 looking to attend, let me know via the email address please as we may need a bigger venue...paul.obrien@thecoldwarmuseum.com
  8. Update on this we plan to do a showing of the Bridge of Spies and he will then do a talk about the film, he was a consultant for the film and about the history of his Father and how he got shot down...
  9. Hi guys I am, through the museum, in discussion with Gary Powers Junior, yes the Gary Powers of U2 fame, and talking about his father and his role in the Cold war. Gary jnr has become a well known speaker on espionage and the cold war and the events that led up to Gary Powers snr being shot down and the aftermath of that. He has agreed to do a talk at our museum on the 20th or 23rd April 2022. We are thinking it will cost £15 pounds plus a cold buffet, Depending upon numbers will determine the final location but we are looking at doing it within one of the marquees at the museum Can people get in touch if they are interested with their preferred dates...paul.obrien@thecoldwarmuseum.com
  10. Okay the first tickets are on sale... https://partyace.com/events/iron-curtain-museum-3-4-july 11 pounds entry for adults, under 18's go free. Military types we will do a discount ticket but cant organise that yet... hope to see some of you...
  11. I picked up a new museum display unit a Spartan, on loan to the museum from Lance Parsons. thanks Lance, we need to pull the plugs and give them a clean running very rough...then check that everything else is running sweet...
  12. the site is up and running but yes not complete and now we are looking at redoing it with the new name it likely wont change much until we do...but since I own thecoldwarmuseum.com i will be keeping it until I have enough time to bother to fight the trademark issue.
  13. i never knew it was going to be so difficult to pick an opening day...so its back to the 3/44. Wife had booked a weekend away for the 11/12 July...its not easy but it has to be done...so opening day is now confirmed as the 3/4 july...
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