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  1. 8 more today...looks like its going to be very well attended..
  2. we have 8 booked already and another 10 looking to attend, let me know via the email address please as we may need a bigger venue...paul.obrien@thecoldwarmuseum.com
  3. Update on this we plan to do a showing of the Bridge of Spies and he will then do a talk about the film, he was a consultant for the film and about the history of his Father and how he got shot down...
  4. Hi guys I am, through the museum, in discussion with Gary Powers Junior, yes the Gary Powers of U2 fame, and talking about his father and his role in the Cold war. Gary jnr has become a well known speaker on espionage and the cold war and the events that led up to Gary Powers snr being shot down and the aftermath of that. He has agreed to do a talk at our museum on the 20th or 23rd April 2022. We are thinking it will cost £15 pounds plus a cold buffet, Depending upon numbers will determine the final location but we are looking at doing it within one of the marquees at the museum
  5. Okay the first tickets are on sale... https://partyace.com/events/iron-curtain-museum-3-4-july 11 pounds entry for adults, under 18's go free. Military types we will do a discount ticket but cant organise that yet... hope to see some of you...
  6. I picked up a new museum display unit a Spartan, on loan to the museum from Lance Parsons. thanks Lance, we need to pull the plugs and give them a clean running very rough...then check that everything else is running sweet...
  7. the site is up and running but yes not complete and now we are looking at redoing it with the new name it likely wont change much until we do...but since I own thecoldwarmuseum.com i will be keeping it until I have enough time to bother to fight the trademark issue.
  8. i never knew it was going to be so difficult to pick an opening day...so its back to the 3/44. Wife had booked a weekend away for the 11/12 July...its not easy but it has to be done...so opening day is now confirmed as the 3/4 july...
  9. hmm the 432's are mega reliable but there are some serious things you need to know about it...very vey very top of the list is the oil in the governor, check this everytime you drive it...if there is no oil in the governor she can and will run away and will self destruct...if you have a leak in the governor, which you shouldn't, fix it... oils and lubricants are as essential as in every other vehicle. track tension is vey important as you will lose a track if its not kept within spec... but as andy says get the service and operators manual and learn a bit about them. they are not t
  10. and our DAF drops has been taken for a movie project...that is good income for the museum...we are slowly building a nice petty cash balance...
  11. got our first of two camp bastion tents up these will be for simple indoor displays...no idea what we will display just yet as we have so much so maybe something historical chronology wise a few pictures soldiers in uniforms and such like...we also have a nice container cabin, we will use it for something needing desks and stuff...we are going to hopefully get a few more machines before opening day which is going to be the 11th July, or may slip into the week after just got a few things to tie up for this week and then we go firm...loads of volunteers helping but no one yet who has much mechan
  12. So its the 3/4th July..tickets go on sale on the 1st May. you have to buy tickets from partyace.com they are 11 pounds each for an adult, free for kids under 17, but you still need to get a ticket...it helps me with the admin and management. I currently have no idea how to run this so I am using every trick I can to manage it properly and efficiently...so tickets sold mean I can plan on numbers which helps me plan so much else.. So bear with me...I am hoping to have a few surprises by then but thats for the day...not now...its going to be fairly low key to start with but we will get better
  13. So we have our filming day tomorrow. Big Narstie is coming to drive a few toys and then he is taking a zil away for a few weeks to have a play with it...will hopefully put the museum on the map a bit. Will be a lot of fun too. i have to show him how to drive a zil a kraz a 432 a ferret if he can get in it and a ural...maybe I am not letting him drive the OT90 the MTLB the Saracen or any of the other toys...it will be on the TV in June or july...will let you know when.....Gave the mig a bit of a spruce up for the first time today, she need s a damn good clean, as do a lot of the toys..its c
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