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  1. So its the 3/4th July..tickets go on sale on the 1st May. you have to buy tickets from partyace.com they are 11 pounds each for an adult, free for kids under 17, but you still need to get a ticket...it helps me with the admin and management. I currently have no idea how to run this so I am using every trick I can to manage it properly and efficiently...so tickets sold mean I can plan on numbers which helps me plan so much else.. So bear with me...I am hoping to have a few surprises by then but thats for the day...not now...its going to be fairly low key to start with but we will get better
  2. So we have our filming day tomorrow. Big Narstie is coming to drive a few toys and then he is taking a zil away for a few weeks to have a play with it...will hopefully put the museum on the map a bit. Will be a lot of fun too. i have to show him how to drive a zil a kraz a 432 a ferret if he can get in it and a ural...maybe I am not letting him drive the OT90 the MTLB the Saracen or any of the other toys...it will be on the TV in June or july...will let you know when.....Gave the mig a bit of a spruce up for the first time today, she need s a damn good clean, as do a lot of the toys..its c
  3. the flags are East Germany flying with the Soviet Flag, the British flag flying with lest we forget flag, i know wrong era but it has to be flown...then American French West German and Italian Flags. I am about to erect a Nato Flag a Russian Flag and a Polish flag. There is not Warsaw pact Flag. I am also flying an NHS flag...on the campus I also have English Irish, Welsh and Scottish flags flying.
  4. yes they have been there for a while...and more coming...
  5. you guys know I will never give up...we had the Frog 7 Missile launcher in this week for work check out
  6. More missed dates but covid has been a bit of an exceptional event. So we are still slowly working towards a partial opening this year but no idea when...the plan is to tidy the site once the rains stop, we will get the area fenced off this next few months to keep the cows out and we are going to lay down a couple of concrete pads and tidy up the road way...the concrete pads will hold the aircraft..for now and we will have a few marquees for use too...vehicles are getting done and many are ready for the displays...but its a lot of work and our volunteers are not allowed just yet...soon though
  7. yes have been in contact and they can offer zero help...the Hampshire group have hidden away in their buildings some very special vehicles of the period all hidden away for no one to see...i could put these vehicles in the museum, but i have to get through planning first...
  8. it seems to be the catch all that stops us from doing anything, I suspect the council think a museum would need council funds. I think but they seem to be so unhelpful...its ludicrous...
  9. I had a heart to heart with the council and asked why they are fighting me. they genuinely, I felt, came back and said its not a fight its about policy and i have to give them enough evidence to go outside of policy...this is where of course it becomes the fight, what they want and what I can give they know is impossible, so whilst he is right its stacked in their favour not mine and they make the decisions.
  10. I read with joy of the museum in America opening up and then thought about my own collection, we have well over 100 vehicles, mostly singles some doubles and a few more than that as spares. but along with all the other items I have close to 500 artefacts that will be on display...and that is not all of it...we want to start documenting it all...Debs our new admin lady is about to start...
  11. good luck indeed, but with 140,000 square feet of covered space at least he has the room..
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