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  1. This is an early machine with the small mushroom drive shafts , no hydraulic ram mounts and rimed sprockets.
  2. I would guess a 500 could be shoehorned in, but it is a fairly tall engine and front diff clearance may be a problem. Bedford did have a TK or KM I cannot remember witch with two 330's side by side on test. Given the problems getting parts for any Bedford engine why not look at a B series Cummins non electronic, give one's with 53 on the lower front left corner of the block a miss. there are a range of gearbox's you could then fit. It would be better on fuel as well.
  3. I think it is the Sangaetano ex Samtrusty built in 1944 GRT 6586 Arrived Blyth 02=05=1972.
  4. Sadly I have just found out that Rodney has passed away. I will have to find another way.
  5. Sorry that is the best I can do. I will get the name and date, I just need to talk to the last sales manager of the yard.
  6. Some mor photos of Battleship Wharf. First one is of the scrap side looking towards the woodwork shed and engineering shops. Also the end is nearing for a 1940's icon as a Liberty ship is preparing to berth for the last time prior to demolition.
  7. A fuel lift/ priming pump only supply's low pressure fuel to the fuel injection pump, to bleed the injectors you will have to loosen the injector pipes one or two at a time and spin the engine using the starter motor. Usually just slacken the injector pipes 1/2 a turn and catch fuel with a rag.
  8. That was a good watch, but it poses the question, both man and machine. Where are they now?
  9. Sorry I am having trouble up loading from printer.
  10. A view on the river Blyth looking up towards the old grain plant and ash dock past the tidal dock, where as the hull was lightened it was moved up.
  11. As an ADR driver of many years, when I took the original exams the last thing the teacher said before he put out the papers-( READ the questions) very forcefully. That part of the quote has stayed with me, the colourfull bits have been lost in the mist of time.
  12. Will he get any time off for good behaviour.
  13. I have just seen a photo of several Mk1 Militant's fitted with rope operated backhoe/face shovel equipment. I wonder if any survive.
  14. I cannot think of anything else 2 axle with a flat panel nose to the cab. Any idea of location.
  15. Looks very like an Austin K5
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