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  1. Tyres are hard work even with the correct gear. When you get a one off use it as an anvil for the rest put them face to face after knocking back the spacer ring to free the locking ring then taking off the locking ring and spacer, drop a couple of bolts in some chocks under so that the tyre cannot fall all of the way onto the lower wheel then some soapy water on the top joint. Then it is just plain noisy walking around with a bead knocker or lump hammer and foot bar. A Kango hammer with a wide fairly blunt chisel is useful as they take some stick. I hate transit EGR valves. Good luck.
  2. A massive subject given a good concise airing. Don't forget the Bear.
  3. Chassis without the O were petrol powered. I think.
  4. If you go to Browse and look through the topics you will find the Aviation section and all of the others. Just to put things in their box.
  5. Aircraft still need a Militant though. Those Wellingtons would include the ones on Malta used to unsettle the Italian Navy when they put to sea. Welcome in.
  6. There are 2 V8 engines for sale at the minute one AEC badged and one with the British Leyland swirl.
  7. That is a very rare AEC V8 powered coach. Retrieved by a Millitant doing what a Millitant does (work).
  8. If it is a clean break a quick thump with a broom shank usually just slides it out, push the broom shank through with the good half shaft. When you take the outer piece out it will give you a better idea what type of break you are dealing with. My guess is that you finished off a previous fracture, so it will not be a clean break.
  9. Sorry I have had a look and cannot find one, I did have one. I think they are the same but you will have to take the other one out to push the broken piece out and can lay them together to check. I hope it is a clean break and not a shatter as you will have to take the rear pan off to check for bits. Hope you get home O.K.
  10. There is a picture of 23 GN 73 brand new with its crane minus the bodies in the Foden factory at Sandbach on FB. With the comment (good truck winch temperamental)
  11. Changing gear smoothly with a Foden gearbox is an artform in itself and takes practice. It may well just be yours is stiff from lack of use.
  12. I have this hand brake cable and brake cylinder.
  13. A fuel filler pipe for a CVRT. I think
  14. A phone number for Bedford spares 0191-5168855. I have no connection.
  15. A lot of them went of to live and work in Africa, there should be parts available.
  16. Given time one will turn up, what parts are you looking for? Leavseys at Alrewass used to have a lot of Bedford stuff. Is it the one with or without the parking brake? If you have deep pockets there is always Rush Green Motors.
  17. I think one of the 8 legger recoveries now lives near the A1 in Northumberland.
  18. Not only looks good but works as good as it looks. Have I missed it is there a picture of the pair together in their finery? TT and T.
  19. These last series of photo's put a human cost on warfare, the men laying in the ditch and a pilot and possibly another in the aircraft. Maybe even casualty's on the crash site. Sobering reflection.
  20. There are not many V8 engines about they are a very different animal to the 11.3 or 760. you have done a fantastic job recovering the coach. There is alleged to be a 6x4 Mammoth Major with a v8 engine on Malta.
  21. I think it is sorted now.
  22. I heard a wag say boat means (bolt on another thousand)
  23. In the background one truck to identify as well as a boat I think the other truck may be to far away to get a positive i/d on.
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