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  1. we will know very soon the hangers and hard standings are going next, the developer would love to find something! and to be honest it would be impossible to keep secret, all those lads working there for contractors have mobile phones and it would be a massive operation to move 325 tanks to a scrap yard where again everyone would have mobile phones. if they exist we will know soon.
  2. my dad was RE in the early post war years and he was involved in demonstrating lots of the old WW2 kit to foreign governments for sale, or donation. didn't ever bury any, it was worth something, use it, sell it or melt it down.
  3. its like the stories of rows of buried B17 engines and jeeps in crates buried on old airfields in Norfolk and Suffolk, so far after 70 odd years has found any, the buried dumps are just that, dumps of scrap and junk. interesting junk though.
  4. Well for a delay of 6 months on a few acres of a thousand acre site and a £325 million pay out on a load of ww2 German tanks and the world wide publicity would be well worth it. You seem to be forgetting the effort and money thats spent on archaeological digs on these sites, Roman, Saxon finds etc being dug out with a tooth brush and trowel. the tanks can be hoofed out with a dozer, much quicker. We will all soon know.
  5. The letters from the MOD and Hammond seem perfectly reasonably and polite to me, you are lucky you got a reply. As for freedom in information act they legally have to disclose anything they have, and it would just be some random researcher with no interest in the back ground. Personally I bet the company doing the development would love to find 325 buried tanks and recover them, it would make world news!
  6. so is this more about a dislike of pulling down the old airfields and building new towns then, rather than the tanks? that company in question has done lots of archaeological work on its sites, lots of roman stuff etc, no tanks though, and in the long term it is cheaper to clear up any contamination risk before building over it, so it would have been in their interest to remove them first.
  7. just messaged Andy. I expect to be followed by MI5 later then I guess!
  8. I'm sure this Andy Brading would be interested. it was 326 tanks wasn't it from the earlier post. restored over £250k each as wrecks at least £25k each so he's sitting over £8mill. thats worth a bit of ground penetrating radar and a digger and concrete crusher. the government will be up for that as it's broke!
  9. pardon my ignorance, but wasn't the B29 obsolete my the mid 1950's?
  10. found the right trailer. came with a few tons of scrap on the back though haha
  11. I've been in contact with RCH for my Albion CX22 among other things, they have been very helpful when all the others just said no. not kicked off the project yet but they will be getting my work.
  12. you would think that he would show us a pic or two of the plates he bought at auction, that would be of general historical interest anyway and not give up the location of the hoard.
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