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  1. I've been in contact with RCH for my Albion CX22 among other things, they have been very helpful when all the others just said no. not kicked off the project yet but they will be getting my work.
  2. you would think that he would show us a pic or two of the plates he bought at auction, that would be of general historical interest anyway and not give up the location of the hoard.
  3. exactly, and i was trying to help, give us the location, the government can't assassinate everyone thats been on this forum. bugger what's that red dot tracking across the wall? 😣...................................................................................
  4. well if you know the instigator and its a top tory and its to do with money ie corruption. spill the beans now, the media will love another story to pin on them. dought you will be found in a ditch, as we will know who did it if you tell us first haha
  5. there are lots of these stories about, and we know heaps of stuff saw sea dumped under the terms of lead lease, this kind of thing still goes on, (if any of you have been involved in supplying kit under UOR'S you will know what I mean) most stories are just that stories and wife's tails that get written into myth, I know of a good one that has some back up. The guys that worked on hobarts funnies. up north on a big estate, after the war all the prototypes where bulldozed into a big dip in the ground, that dip in old maps isn't there anymore apparently and the old boy was very credible, But unt
  6. So whos keeping you under surveillance then? MI5, CIA or CI5, and its really easy for them as you post stuff on the net.
  7. Got the "German" from one of your earlier posts in 2016. The pollution clean up from old Armor would be way less that the value of 326 odd WW2 tanks. So if you know where it is and have no desire to recover them, why not tell everybody where they are and someone else can take on the mantle and research into recovery. or at least keep the myth alive.
  8. just read through all this, its a bit like all the story of the brand new spitfires stored in Malaysia and all the brand new crated jeeps and B17 engines buried at every old airbase round here that no one has ever found. I assume this horde of German ww2 armour is guarded by unicorns? if its for real just tell everyone so it can be found and recovered.
  9. Yes Mike they only made the body that big for the crew, tools and spares and we wonder why we no longer have a British heavy truck industry haha. Rumour has it that they where so slow that you could change a prop on the move if you had those creepers with wheels to lay on!
  10. if you haven't seen it on F##Book MOD prototype PGK888.
  11. probably regulations, bit like the mixed up regulations on what you can and cannot import into the US.
  12. Alsops are a scrap yard so I guess they won some of the bids from Fort Paull, very sad. Well at least Wally from the first sell offs by NAM several years ago via several other collectors and dealers hands first, I ended up saving the Beast!
  13. Does anybody know if there is a 30Ton RE Plant trailer available? would love to find one for my Scammell Constructor 5th wheel tractor.
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