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  1. probably regulations, bit like the mixed up regulations on what you can and cannot import into the US.
  2. Alsops are a scrap yard so I guess they won some of the bids from Fort Paull, very sad. Well at least Wally from the first sell offs by NAM several years ago via several other collectors and dealers hands first, I ended up saving the Beast!
  3. Does anybody know if there is a 30Ton RE Plant trailer available? would love to find one for my Scammell Constructor 5th wheel tractor.
  4. yes looks just like the one we stripped parts from before it unfortunately got scrapped.
  5. Couple of pictures of ours. A replacement starter has been procured, just need a day to play!
  6. We have one. lovely machine. later type with the ACE AV760 in it AEC axles I believe, Aveling Barford badge on the front, Leyland badge on the back, Scammell LD55 cab. The last days of the British motor industry Leyland empire. poor thing is outside at the moment, starter motor dead and Clutch slave seals gone.
  7. well I've got a sentinel tug that was designed to tow the V bombers. don't think our Norfolk roads are wide enough though. because if it was that easy we bloody would have it haha.
  8. wouldn't we all love to save it! some things are just not practical though. I hope someone saves the tail at least.
  9. thats a political issue about keeping the great unwashed masses in work and the pension schemes going to keep paying all the retired people. not much to do with our hobby.
  10. yes the best way, "user trials" the user can find ways to break things the engineers would never have thought of!. been there haha. I designed a piece of kit once that was perfect in our eyes, all high tech bells and whistles etc, it came back split in half and scratched to buggery. What the user had done was in an emergency situation he rolled the unit over and used the top heat shield as a shovel. I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would do that. so beefed it up, extended and curved the front edge of the shield and gave him duel use. then as expected they never came across that emer
  11. yes. thats why Hydrogen fuel is a better option, you can fit a motor, smaller battery and fuel cell and tanks to anything
  12. thats what trials are for, after a few versions they will love driving them, or at least not notice the difference
  13. Spot on! stop turning the wind turbines off when the whole sale electricity price drops and make hydrogen instead.
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