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  1. interesting ,I bought a diesel SUMB last year in France
  2. maybe have a look at russianmilitarytrucks.com download section ?
  3. Does anyone recall a thread as in the title ? I cant find it in the archives ? regards Robin
  4. I am looking for a part number for the steering/suspension arm for my J54 Mitsubishi ,I have the Service manual by James Danko but I cant see a part number anywhere ? regards Robin
  5. not that the people on this site are not helpful Vince you might try www.m201.com ,its a dedicated M201 site
  6. get the brakes right and away you go ,mileage will hurt a bit but you will get over that ,there was one for sale in Ireland on Donedeal ,there was also one on Milweb a while ago ,parts are easily got in Holland ,the membership of the Ya 126 club is a must ,best of luck
  7. I used Doughlas Pine flooring on the bed of my Praga V3S doused in creosote when fitted
  8. https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a5497/100742 this the add currently on Milweb of my VT 55 for sale
  9. The Scorpion just pictured in an Irish Army vehicle ,they received 14 vehicles in all they were all retired about 3 years ago
  10. I can sell you a wheel rim in awhile I am restoring a Luaz and I need the wheels/tyres to move it around ,I have a complete good set fit when the vehicle is finished
  11. I needed a replacement primary lift pump earlier this year Yokohama quoted $178 plus courier shipping (I dont need the part in 3 days) who then declare the package to Customs ,so duty and VAT have to be paid , the best part is the courier company then put in a further charge for organising Customs clearance . End of rant anyway after a bit of running around I found a motor factors who know what they are selling ? result new primary pump for €12.50
  12. hello there I have a J54 Mitsubishi/Jeep 4DR5 engine a gray import into Ireland years ago a great little vehicle ,my only gripe is the price of parts charged by Yokohama Motors in Japan ?
  13. I am looking at a petrol SUMB through now say again?
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