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  1. put up a request on . www.vehiculesmilitaires.com its a French version of HMFV ,there is a dedicated SUMB section there
  2. https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4976/99383 ???
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284014215039?ul_noapp=true and its a Diesel
  4. If the vehicle has a Czech vintage reg plate it under similar rules as in the UK ,maybe contact Czech military vehicle clubs see whats for sale ? Fly over drive it back ?
  5. https://www.armyburza.cz/inzerat/uaz-452-velitelsky ?????
  6. try www.armyburza.cz its a Czech Milweb ?
  7. drop the air pressure in the tyres ??
  8. I bought a Luaz 967m from Maurice last year ,efficient in how he does business , "the price is the price " good operator
  9. say €550 ? the cupola is in Ireland ,I wi;ll send you a pm with my e mail and I can send all the pictures you want ?
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