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Thread: Bedford MWC restoration

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    Default Re: Bedford MWC restoration

    Had a chance to do a bit on the Engine Block (inbetween trying to sort out Austin Champ Starter Motor Problema and Ferret Fuel Pump)

    I can now get at all of the core plugs, which will be replaced (after clearing waterways). As well as taking the pistons out and checking the rings etc. Anything else I should do whilts it is stripped down this far ?

    Bell Housing, Flywheel and clutch plate assembly back at home ready for cleaning etc.

    Will be having a couple of weeks off for W&P. I will be with the Vintage Operating Group, demonstrating radios (WW2 to current), and will be located at the end of the traders area stands R20 - R23. Drop in for a chat if you feel like it.

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    I had a MWR many years ago. I don't now have its chassis number but it had most of the late features except that it did not have the sling plates on the hubs. It had the pressed filler caps and at the time I remember that most of the Bedfords that I came accross had pressed caps. The cast ones I think were a very late feature though were completely interchangable so could turn up on any Bedford of that period that had that style of tank.


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    While you have the engine stripped remember to take out the brass rocker feed conection, as it only has a tiny hole in it and blocks easily restricting oil flow to the rockers. take an airline to the gallery at the same time to clear any debris.

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    Default Re: Bedford MWC restoration

    Also check the timing chain and sprockets for wear. There being no tensioner. With a new chain and good sprockets there is hardly any movement, so this will give you an idea.
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