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  1. ........make that THREE! Looks like welding leason number 1 is..."We need clamps...lots of clamps!"
  2. Fascinating thread....every day is a school day and I am learning lots ..thanks for sharing...
  3. Whoooo Hooooo! well don Ron!
  4. .....good luck when you take it out for a proper run.
  5. Did you actually fire it up Ron ?...if so... any noticeable difference? Andy
  6. Nice job..thanks for posting.Keep it up.👍
  7. Hi Ron...obviously your getting bored with lockdown .I can send you a RE WD/CO to restore for me if you want , to keep you occupied. I won't charge you too much for the entertainment value of this as you are a mate ! .🤣 Great article ,really interesting, so thanks for the posting. Stay safe.
  8. If anyone has or, knows the whereabouts of, a good usable crank for sale for a wartime Bedford 28 hp engine please contact me. Many thanks. marian.andrew@btopenworld.com.
  9. I have followed your blog for ages and cannot be but absolutely amazed at your dedication , perseverance and skills...makes me feel a failure. 😂
  10. Hi..congrats on your recent Bedford purchase...any pics please!!!
  11. Thanks ..found Pearson's pics via Google..very interesting.
  12. Ron... apparently during 1943 & 1944 a lot of Triumphs were supplied to Littlewoods Ltd, Liverpool....any ideas who they for and where they went to???? Got any info on this or any Triumph guys who might know?
  13. Brave man...looks very interesting restoration..or should I say recreation! Keeps us posted!
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