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  1. We’ve all got those safe and secure places 😂 I am still looking for some Fordson parts. Also saw your truck on FB with lots of admirers comments.
  2. The glass was cut and polished by a regular glass company, they used the originals as templates, 4 pieces of glass cut and polished edges £90, I thought that was fairly reasonable.
  3. tbh I hadn’t even thought of vintage Ford parts, I was getting used to fabricating everything
  4. It’s looking promising, I’ll check the measurements tomorrow, thank you for finding that and now we know what it’s called!!
  5. There may not be an official name, I thought it could be window runner or window channel but the range of parts is massive
  6. Evening everyone Question time??? Now the doors are taking shape I am looking at the glass and winding mechanism, I recently got all new glass cut by a local company, it’s standard 6mm laminated glass which is slightly thicker than the original but there is room for manoeuvre so no problem with fitment So…just for a change the runner on the bottom of the glass is rotted 🙄 My question is….can you buy the runner which is stuck to the bottom of the glass and if so what’s it called ?? It’s difficult to google when you don’t know the name.
  7. It’s been a busy weekend catching up on unfinished jobs……..the Doors!!! It’s still the Doors!!! the never ending job 🤨 well there’s now light at the end of the tunnel 🎉🍻 I can say without any doubt body prep is not my thing, the endless amount of filling and sanding over and over again is tedious to say the least!! It would appear there was a lot more heat distortion to the door skins than first thought, very disappointing especially as they looked pretty good when first spot welded. The new door bottoms have taken shape quite nicely, if you weren’t familiar with the original pattern they fit in well. More filling and sanding Attention turned to repairing the damaged caused when fitting the door You can certainly tell autumn is here, the moisture in the air didn’t do me any favours on the unprotected metal in the last week or so, the surface rust appears very quickly 🙄 but at last it was time to paint. I like to get the bonda red oxide to cover everything for max protection which can be a slow process, when the paint is wet it is very noticeable how distorted the panels are, good job it’s not a gloss finish. Second coat is the grey Zinc primer which 🤞 will give the truck a few years of life.
  8. Welcome Ray Theres plenty of good advice on this forum, I am sure it won’t be to long before the RL owners answer your questions.
  9. Never seen plastigauge before, simple but affective.
  10. Great job, the attention to detail is superb 👍
  11. I would imagine the census number would go on the doors but I’ve seen pictures of both door and bonnet 🤔
  12. You could try counter sunk bolts for the bigger holes, nut to the underside and fill over the top, pop rivets for the smaller holes.
  13. Unfortunately the current price guide is about right!! Jeeps are crazy money….
  14. No worries, information sharing helps all of us.
  15. Clearly I’ve used up my goodwill allowance today “ I’ll get me coat “
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