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  1. Well done Rob 👍 what’s the next project? 😁
  2. That looks fantastic and very jealous, keep us updated with the build. The Daimler armoured vehicle FB page might be useful.
  3. New project Steve, very nice, would love a dingo 👍
  4. Thanks for the info Richard, I assume the grind marks on the back are where the tag was removed.
  5. Hi everyone Does anybody have a picture of the hull number and exact location on a Saracen? I’ve looked back through and old thread but the only picture I found was poor quality and didn’t really expand on the location, the Saracen is an up armoured mk5, we were told the hull number is above the rear doors and stamped in the escape hatches, the hatch numbers we have found but would like to find the hull number, we have cut the armour above the rear doors but no number, any help would be appreciated.
  6. Very nice, look forward to regular updates.
  7. Pretty much every vehicle in our MVT club is named and painted on apart from a couple of Jeeps
  8. Doris my Fordson wot6 Bernard the Matador and the GPW with no name 🤔
  9. Sorry you haven’t felt welcome, I can only assume no one was able to answer your question at the time of posting, personally I only tend to view the recently updated topics that appear on the screen, I can only assume yours just got missed.
  10. I completely agree with your comments about FB, although it can be useful there are a lot of rude, obnoxious and arrogant people who post unnecessary comments, while this forum genuinely has people who are interested in sharing advice and admiration for other people’s hard work.
  11. It could just be that time of year, it’s still wet cold and miserable, if like myself your working mainly outside on your projects, this time of year is not very progressive 🤞when the weather improves the project updates will start rolling in.
  12. You’ve also got the 80th anniversary of Market garden this year so prices are likely to be slightly inflated, personally I think your better to wait until the end of the year until the show season is over and compare prices then.
  13. Nice looking Mat, almost a shame to dismantle the body work.
  14. The screen canvas is easy to weather, just scrunch it up a few times and drag it around the floor 😁 adds patina…
  15. TBH my hood spends most of the time stowed under the passenger seat, you could look for a second hand one for the rare occasion it gets used.
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