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  1. Just requested a refund, not going to defer again.
  2. Always impressed with the effort put into all your engineering 👍
  3. It’s really coming along well, great attention to detail and superb craftsmanship
  4. Reminds me of changing the gearbox on my Land Rover lifting it through the cab. It will make a massive difference with the new starter ring👍
  5. 20mm difference, that’s a bugger, apologies Steve that’s what the Jeep came with, I’ll check my spares to see if I have one.
  6. 3mm thick !! You lucky lucky &*&*&*& 😬 I can only dream of using 3mm. Looks good and had to be done, it would have always bothered you if you had just slapped filler over it and pretended it was ok, bit annoying that the paint bubbled but I am sure it won’t be seen once you’ve touched it back in.
  7. Hi Steve I’ve measured the one on my gpw in situ, the measurement is taken off the end of the prop in the picture below
  8. Just a quick update Gave the garage a good clear out ready for the next step 🙄 didn’t want to be tripping over any rusty off cuts. The roof section is obviously worse than I thought, loads of filler and old repairs. Believe it or not the top looks better than the underside 😩 Same problem as before, all the rusted out areas have been previously repaired so I have no original patterns to follow, hopefully the previous restorer repaired like for like. Wish me luck!! 🤨
  9. Spray welding, very cool 😎 unfortunately my truck is slightly beyond this type of repair 😂
  10. Thinking outside the box 👍 like you said it works, it’s not an original item that will ever be on show.
  11. Thanks for the info, I’ll have a look on YouTube to check it out.
  12. The pile is only getting bigger🤨 I will hopefully be starting the roof next week so best order another sheet of steel 😁
  13. Bonda is the make of red oxide paint with zinc, it’s been recommended by another forum member and I am very pleased with the coverage, the filler is standard car body filler as it’s economical rather than a metal repair filler , as for spray on metal that’s something I’ve come across before, is it something that can be done in a domestic garage environment?
  14. We’ll see if I am still smiling when I start the roof 😬
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