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  1. The majority I’ve seen are red oxide, is there any desert colour paint anywhere on the vehicle? Possible first gulf war??? Desert sand and brown camo!!
  2. Thanks for the replies gents. The different units marking make sense, it was overhauled in 1956 and cast in 1968 so it had a lengthy service and as you say was probably assigned to different regiments. unfortunately there’s no background colours left to narrow it down. Either way it’s still a nice piece of history.
  3. It looks like 17418 or 17478, I will try to clean it carefully this weekend
  4. Someone on this forum will know the answer!! There are the remains of numbers painted on the front of my Matador, a colleague suggested that they might be a D-Day vehicle landing number, I’ve seen pictures of other vehicles with similar numbers but I have no idea what there for, if anyone can help please let me know. Every day is a learning curve 🤔
  5. Are these records available online? I would like to get a copy to keep with the trucks history.
  6. Thank you again Wally, who knows I may get lucky and find a service picture or win the lottery!! Odds are probably the same 😁 Regards Seamus
  7. Thank you Wally, can I ask where this information is available from and would I be able to find out any service history ? Regards Seamus
  8. Evening everyone Having recently purchased my first AEC Matador I am trying to uncover its history, it’s chassis number 0853248 which makes it a 1940. I've obtained its keycard which shows its census number as 1712329 I read somewhere that these census numbers are late war numbers and that it’s original number may be different, can anyone shed any light on this or have any census number lists for early war vehicles???
  9. Counselling and beer sounds perfect 👍
  10. Without trying to hijack my own thread one quick question, is there a contract number plate on the Matador and if so where would it be?
  11. Ok……..I have a problem and I am seeking help….😁
  12. I am going to be sensible and finish the wot first 🤔🤥 I couldn’t really turn the matador down, it’s early production and very original, it will be sheeted up and I will start a new blog next year.
  13. Like I haven’t got enough to do!!!!! 😁😁 The parking space is now filled🙄😂
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