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  1. The fabricating continues, Instalment number 2 of the engine cover. I thought the passenger side would be easier with no handbrake to work around......I was wrong 😩 This was the only other original panel from the engine cover Unfortunately it just wasn’t going to work with this engine so has been set aside. The problem with the passenger side is that the 4D engine manifold is wider that the original opening for the engine cover, I have purposely not modified any of the original panels just in case it ever get converted back to a V8. New panel star
  2. Thank you for keeping an eye out for anything Fordson. It is a bit pricey and it’s been up for sale for months, luckily my dash is complete.
  3. It’s all coming along nicely, it will be ready for paint in no time.
  4. The side plate has turned out well and the proportions of the cross on the saltire looks spot on. 👍
  5. Thank you for the complement Rob. The curve should be interesting, looking forward to tackling it in the next couple of weeks 🤥
  6. So........time to start fabricating the engine cover, drivers side first and this is all I had to go on.... made by a previous owner, it didn’t really fit and the square edge pressed against the back of your leg. Time to start fabricating 😬 I’ve gone with 1mm sheet steel as it’s easier to work with, not sure if it was the right choice but time will tell, I am still in two minds to have gone with a slightly thicker gauge. first offering not looking to bad. finished panel, it still amazes me just how long it takes to make.
  7. I am tempted to make a clamp on secondary lever as I don’t really want to modify the original, you almost need to be double jointed to hit 2nd and 4th!!
  8. Thank you for confirming that the gear throw is meant to be awful and that it’s normal, it should be an interesting drive !!
  9. “ At last some progress “ The time has come to start refitting the inside of the cab and to make an engine cover, I delved into the Fordson spares department ( didn’t take long ) and found some rusty gems most of the parts were self explanatory and finding the rear section of the engine cover was a result, however there are a couple of panels pictured below that I have no idea where they go... Started to temporarily fit the panels just to see what fits and what needs adjustment first problem is the throttle cable, after many ho
  10. Fingers crossed it’s automotive🤞If not it’s going to be very... very...very slow!! Instead of just slow.....
  11. Investigate complete!! It doesn’t say tractor or truck.
  12. She’s a bit fussy with post war vehicles 😂 PM me a good picture and I will see what I can do.
  13. There’s always something new to learn, investigation starts tomorrow!!
  14. It’s all a learning curve, I didn’t know about the difference dipsticks but will have a look this week 👍
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