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  1. Excellent piece of engineering as usual Jon. 👍
  2. Slow progress is still progress, it was never going to be a weekender, keep chipping away, it will be worth it in the end. Whats the spares availability like for one of these?
  3. Thanks Pete , I am pleased with the end result, it’s a few mm out in places but nothing to get annoyed with, many lessons have been learnt on tackling a project of this size.
  4. Thank you for the complement, a milestone has been reached and it’s only taken a mere 58 weeks.....so far😬
  5. Thanks Jon, it’s actually a relief to get it out of the garage and fitted, it certainly does spur you on to get stuck in and finish the project.
  6. Evening everyone Well....the time had come to see if everything fitted 🤔 and..........it did!! , well almost......sort of.....kind of.....a few alterations later and a certain amount of swearing, it fitted like a glove. Stage 1 : straight forward, I used black gutter sealant when joining the sections, it dries into a rubber type of seal and hopefully prevent water ingress. Stage 2 : strengthening bars on first and windscreen frame fitted stage 1&2 were fairly easy, slightly annoying that one of the captive nuts in the
  7. The offer is very much appreciated thank you.
  8. Thank you for the complement, sometimes you just have to make do with what you have, it would be nice to have all the right equipment to make life easier but where would the challenge be!!
  9. Thanks Pete, this stage of the job seemed to be never ending 🤞 it all fits😬
  10. Quick update The painting is almost finished, grey zinc primer to cover the red oxide before hitting it with the green The paint was still wet when the picture was taken, it’s 15% sheen so it will loose the gloss finish when dry A couple of before and after pictures a small amount of work later!! and to finish....my neighbour the skilled carpenter has been at work again!! He has reproduced one of the missing gun butt holders and done a pretty good job. The ro
  11. It’s coming along nicely, these jobs are a labour of love, if you add up the hours spent cleaning and checking everything it’s not a good business model 😬
  12. Forgot to add these pictures
  13. !!! THE ROOF IS FINISHED !!! 🎉🍻🤪 (apart from filling, sanding, painting, fettling, whittling and fitting) Big push this week and a couple of days off work really did help Fitting the windscreen turned out to be the biggest pain, I’ve converted the screen surround so it bolts together instead of being weld, sounds easy!! Not!! I made the mistake of trying to refit what had been previously been repaired by someone else, I generally wasted a day trying to adapt what I had, it turns out that 75% of the screen surround isn’t original, no surprise there🤨 so....after banging my
  14. Had a large present delivered today 😁 Courtesy of Jon Morris Thank you again Jon for all your help with this 👍
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