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  1. I had one the same years ago. The frame is the same as a MK2 lightweight trailer but has never had sides on. The bit on the back left corner is remains of a T that had a thread and large wing nut. I think there was one at each corner. Mine also had mud guards which were original by the layers of paint. I rebuilt mine as standard MK2 with sides.
  2. Thanks for the information. There's a D8C 59 on eBay at moment and was wondering about the differences. I think I have the D8C 47x with correct cradle safely waiting in Belgium but I'm always looking for parts for the Loyd. Does anyone have any details on the Bedford slave battery lorries? Just googled it and it mentions OY, is this correct? Thanks Peter.
  3. Can anyone give me an idea what the difference in numbers means on CAV dynamo? D8C 47X and D8C 59. Peter.
  4. This is a vehicle I've always liked. I look forward to more pictures. Peter.
  5. I'm looking for any measurements, details or pictures of the dynamo housing and control panel that would be helpful to draw up plans to remake them.
  6. No other information apart from I've seen it and it's an A9 with non standard tracks.
  7. Sorry pictures won't upload at moment. Will try tomorrow.
  8. I started rebuild the engine cover framework by getting the chassis out on the floor and levelling it up with spirit level. I then made the 2 rear uprights. These are 2" angle iron with a base that bolts to the curved part of the chassis. I had the pieces cut out but has not made them up as I wasn't sure of the measurements. Once the uprights were made and fitted I measured forward and clamped an angle iron across the chassis to mark the front edge of the front hoop/frame I had made previously then drilled and bolted it in place. I then made the 2 side rails bolted them at the front then layed 2 lengths of steel across the chassis then another over them to give a reference line to get the side rail parallel with the chassis then drilled and bolted them to the uprights. I then fitted the rear hoop/frame. I had mark a line on both sides at the hight of the side rail by clamping the front and rear hoops/frames together before I started assembly so this gave me a reference for the hight of the rear hoop/frame which I then clamped and drilled. I then removed it and cut to length using the bottom hole and the remains of an original rear hoop/frame for measurements then bolted it in place. I then fitted the rear bottom angle iron which was clamped in place and drilled. I still need to add a socket for the cranking handle to this piece. It looks easy but took a lot to figure it all out to get everything square and both hoop/frames the same hight.
  9. I've managed to sort some parts out today, some for patterns some to use and some partly remade all working towards getting the engine frame work and covers done. I've got the front frame ready to locate and drill in position. The front frame once in position will then give me the location of the 3 middle floor plates as they bolt together. I've held off finishing and fitting these floor plates as I wasn't sure how to locate them. The rear frame is also done and this just needs cutting to length and drilling. First I need to finish making the 2 uprights and fit the front frame to give me the height of the rear frame. Hopefully I will start to make some visible progress tomorrow.
  10. The Loyd project had ground to a holt through a combination of needing to start painting and not been able to borrow parts and get information to make missing parts. Luckily I have now managed to borrow a front engine frame and grill although a later type grill. So today I worked out how I'm going to make the front and rear engine frames. This is my first attempt, I decided to cut the side off the angle iron and clamp it to a jig then weld curved piece in.
  11. I'm looking for a copy of British Cruiser Tank A13 Mk1 & Mk2 by Peter brown, ISBN, 9788360672235. Thanks Peter.
  12. V8 water pumps have the front engine mount on them and military v8's have double pulleys.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to try and help. Peter.
  14. This part is to adjust the rod length and fits in the middle of the rod. One end of the rod looks to be threaded and the other slides in and locks by tightening the small nut on the side. I've not seen anything like this set up before. Thanks for the suggestion. If it comes to it I will have to have one made. Peter.
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