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  1. Thanks for taking the time to try and help. Peter.
  2. This part is to adjust the rod length and fits in the middle of the rod. One end of the rod looks to be threaded and the other slides in and locks by tightening the small nut on the side. I've not seen anything like this set up before. Thanks for the suggestion. If it comes to it I will have to have one made. Peter.
  3. I'm looking for an enots throttle rod adjusters which fits on the rod that runs from the gearbox cross member to the top of the engine. Pictures belong to Alastair! Peter.
  4. Another harvest done and drilling going well so starting to think about the Loyd again. I have repaired Alastair's original throttle linkage that sits on top of the engine and made one for myself. Still need a special bolt and a boss machining up. Yet again the starter charger has thrown up some differences. Also the rod that run up to this linkage is a different part number and appears to attach to the linkage in a different way. Peter.
  5. Thanks for that. Looks to be a good option. Peter.
  6. Thanks. Just looked them up and they have the ones I need at a very good price. Peter.
  7. Dose anyone have any solder on battery lead grounds with twin bolt holes 7/8" apart. I need about 5 but will take singles. They were used on ww2 British tanks. Were they used post war? Thanks Peter.
  8. Dose anyone have or know of a source of 50amp Mueller clips in the U.K.? They are still available in the U.S. but postage is a killer. Thanks Peter.
  9. Thanks. It's getting to the point where it should take a big leap forward as most chassis and control parts are done and ready for paint although harvest is creeping up and will bring things to a halt for a few months. Peter.
  10. I have found a speedo, NOS! Alastair got me new brake cables made. The last brake back plate has been built up with weld and ground to shape also the last suspension unit was badly corroded and has also been built up with weld and ground back. No pictures??? Both are now in primer. Peter.
  11. The driver's floor is now in and most of the controls are done or just need a bit of finishing. There are still 6 holes to drill but I will do them once the body is off and I can turn it over. The floor will then be removed to blast and paint. I found out that the clutch linkages are different to other Loyd's to avoid the PTO and belts driving the dynamos. Peter.
  12. Not updated recently! The body is all but finished, adjusted and squared up. This will now be removed and a couple wrong holes welded up and some welds tidied up. The front plate will have the holes for the pioneer brackets drilled. The bench seat will have to wait until I can get to Duxford and measure the one there, hopefully early next year. Peter.
  13. Looks like carrier wheels, post ww2? Peter.
  14. It's on page 4 of blogs of restorations. Peter.
  15. It's a Shelly 4 ton. There's a picture on my 1944 OYD restoration blog on here. Peter.
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