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  1. I've managed to measure the body tonight where the battery trays sit then ruffly scaled the length of the battery as about 16" give or take. Still looking for any help on measurements or purchasing a battery box. Peter.
  2. I'm now shore it's a Rubbolite N,o,3 I need. But that's an interesting point. Period pictures show a white section on the rear axle but I can't find any parts listed for a convoy light or switch in the parts list? Another question to sort out. Peter.
  3. I'm looking for a WD9 wooden battery box in any condition with or without battery. They look like radio battery boxes but larger with heavier metal handles. Peter.
  4. I'm looking for information about the WD9 wooden battery box so I can reproduce them. They are like a wooden radio battery box with heavier metal handles. I need any information on sizes and markings. I need 10 for the battery bank on my Loyd starter charger project. Peter.
  5. Hi Tom. Now I know what I'm looking for I will try the next auto jumble. Thanks for the offer I may get back to you if I have no luck. I've see that picture before, the number plate bolts across below the light which also lights the number plate. The number plates were often removed, there is also a bar missing lower down Peter.
  6. Thanks Richard. I've not heard of flexible lamps before. So I assume I need to find a flexible lamps N,o,3. Peter.
  7. I'm trying to identify the tail lamp type used on early Loyd carriers. Part N,o, MT3/FL/N,o,3/DC Thanks Peter.
  8. I had one the same years ago. The frame is the same as a MK2 lightweight trailer but has never had sides on. The bit on the back left corner is remains of a T that had a thread and large wing nut. I think there was one at each corner. Mine also had mud guards which were original by the layers of paint. I rebuilt mine as standard MK2 with sides.
  9. Thanks for the information. There's a D8C 59 on eBay at moment and was wondering about the differences. I think I have the D8C 47x with correct cradle safely waiting in Belgium but I'm always looking for parts for the Loyd. Does anyone have any details on the Bedford slave battery lorries? Just googled it and it mentions OY, is this correct? Thanks Peter.
  10. Can anyone give me an idea what the difference in numbers means on CAV dynamo? D8C 47X and D8C 59. Peter.
  11. This is a vehicle I've always liked. I look forward to more pictures. Peter.
  12. I'm looking for any measurements, details or pictures of the dynamo housing and control panel that would be helpful to draw up plans to remake them.
  13. No other information apart from I've seen it and it's an A9 with non standard tracks.
  14. Sorry pictures won't upload at moment. Will try tomorrow.
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