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Red Oxide Primer



Can anyone help? I'm in the process of restoring a sankey trailer and have got the tub off and have sandblasted the chassis, I've managed to primer most of it but there are a fair amount of fiddly bits I can't get a brush.

Can anyone suggest if or where I can get hold of spray cans of red oxide primer.

Cheers n' all



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Hello Tugger,

instead of primer/red oxide, you can get etch primer in aerosol form. A lot more expensive, but a lot more effective. Most professional auto paint suppliers should do it. Dont forget to use correct respiratory protection, its nastier than regular paint!

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Thanks for all the help. Re. the etch primer, as it's been sand blasted already that has keyed the surface suitably for the primer as is, I'm currently using Bonda Primer which we extensively use around the boat yard because of it's rust inhibiting properties, I just need to spray something suitable into the tight corners and hollows.


As for topcoat I've got some single pack desert sand which didn't react with the primer on the Landy however I will test a spot where I have used the sprayed primer.


The trailer isn't in the best condition so a full refurb isn't the plan, it will however be put back as strong and straight as is reasonably practical and cost effective.


Thanks again

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