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  1. Hi, I made my own mould to re-rubber CVRT wheels. There are companies out there that will re-rubber them without a mould. But bear in mind each pair of wheels on the same hub needs to be the same diameter. I can get an upto date price for you if interested. Just send me a PM.
  2. I had a similar problem with my MK6 about 10 years ago. Ran great on the flat achieving 45mph quite easily. However any hills and it was change down 1 or quite often 2 gears. Took me weeks to find the problem. Turned out to be the fuel pipe from the tank to the filter had rusted and a few very small pin prick holes were letting in air. Replaced the steel pipe with copper and all has been well ever since.
  3. Hi Nic, Bleeding Saracen / Saladin brakes is easy. Make sure the hydraulic tank is full, have a large container for the oil you bleed off, the correct spanner and around 2 foot of rubber pipe to fit on the bleednipples. With the engine running, place a suitable length of wood between the brake peddle and the steering cross shaft guard so that the brakes are on but not fully on. All you have to do is go round each wheel station. I always start with the front right then front left, middle left the middle right. I go around twice. If the hydraulic oil that comes out is clean, let it settle to get the air bubbles out, filter it though a coffee filter and its good to reuse. Hope that helps, Andy.
  4. Hi, Attached photos of the bracket with Bren gun in position. Unfortunately after spending several hours fitting mine in, I found a few issues. 1, the bracket that fits on the prop shaft cover needs at least a 1" spacer under it. 2, the butt of the Bren needs a 3/4" bit of wood under it to lift it up so the catch that holds the magazine dose not get damaged and 3, the biggest problem I have is you can select reverse with a small amount of damage to your thumb but you will almost dislocate your thumb when selecting forward. So although I've left the bracket in I dont use it. Andy.
  5. Hi, Sorry to hear your problems with your Ferret. I had a very similar problem with my Saladin. I replaced all the parts as I needed them, but it would have been cheaper to replace the bevel box and wheel station. Good look. Andy.
  6. I've owned a Saracen and Saladin for 24 and 23 years respectively. The Saracen accumulators I check once a year as they don't lose all pressure. I don’t have a test gauge, so I empty them and recharge them. The Saladin however I have to recharge 2 of the accumulators every 4 months or so. They are empty after 6 months. I've replaced the seals in both, but they still leek. I made up my own connections, had a high pressure pipe made and bought a high pressure double acting regulator. I use argon to fill since I use that at work. The click sound is the pressure relief valve in the power valve working correctly keeping the hydraulic system up to pressure. With no accumulator pressure, you still have hydraulic pressure. However when braking, steering or both you very quickly lose the correct working pressure in the hydraulic system. Try maneuvering with no accumulator pressure at low speed and with accumulator pressure. You will notice a massive difference. Basically the hydraulic pump can only just supply sufficient oil flow/pressure for normal use. If you steer around a roundabout and brake, the accumulators will keep the pressure up for you. With no air in the accumulators you may notice that the hydraulic tank is low on oil, that’s because more than normal is in the accumulators. You should only test/fill the accumulators when there is NO hydraulic pressure. I think the working pressure is around 1250 PSI (don't quote me on that) If the hydraulic side is at that pressure, so is the air side! Hope the above is helpfull. Andy
  7. Timbo , I have had the same problem with my Saladin. 3 years ago I had two sets of seals made which I fitted to both center wheel stations. To date they have not leaked. The rubber seals seem to last two years at best. On some of the wheel stations (not sure which) you have to disconnect the handbrake so as to get the cable out of the way. The steering linkage should not be a problem. It takes me around two hours to change a pair of cylinders with the wheel on and less than an hour with the wheel off. After 24 years I've had lots of practice!! Andy
  8. Will fit a Saladin as well. Now made two of these over the last couple of years. Andy.
  9. James, I did 2 of the sleeves a few years ago on my Saladin. The sleeve protects the torsion bar from corosion. The two photos should be self explanatory. Pleanty of red rubber grease will also help. Andy.
  10. Plenty of switches on ebay - such for SPB400 Andy
  11. Richard, Your RB44 is selectable between 2 and 4 wheel drive. In 2 wheel drive its quite safe on a rolling road. Mine has had 4 MOT's with no problems. Hope this helps. Andy
  12. James, Its some years since I had my Saladin bevel box to bits. Have you removed the oil drain plug from underneath ? This may be the cause of your frustration. Can't think of anything else that would prevent removal. Andy
  13. Drilling the armour is quite easy with standard HSS drill. However, use speeds and feeds for drilling titainium with would be arround 2/3's to 3/4 slower than driling mild steel. A carbide drill would be better if your drilling more than a few holes. However if it brakes though and snatches, the drill will most likely brake. As your replacing broken studs, you could try the method I used on my Saladin. I bought stainless 5/16 unf bolts. Put the threaded end in the lathe chuck and faced the head down to arround 3/32" thick. A friend who is good with a tig welder then welded them in place. No filler wire needed as the bolt head did this job. There must have been twenty or so broken studs I did this for 12 years or so ago. There still holding the running bords fine and no rusty studs or nuts next time anything needs removing. Andy
  14. Clive, The position of the bracket, on the side of the hull between the front and center wheel would not be a good place for a chain running along the road. First corner and the chain could be under the center wheel. The Saracen hull shocker had the chain dangling from under the hull and in the center of the vhieacal. Also, although the unit in question gives a HT voltage, its one I can touch so is less than one required for a spark plug. Another question is why would it need to buzz if its for a hull shocker? In fact, it doesn't look to me in any way like a coil for use in an ignition system. Having taken my Saladin in some deep water (approx 24" deep) I know it works. When switched on, it buzzes when the chain contacts water. Andy
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