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  1. This may be a bit long winded but please bear with me; A big show like W&P will cost a lot to run and as such I can understand having to charge a certain amount to cover 'security', staffing & toilets etc. However the basic premise of "without the exhibitors there is no show" is absolutely correct. As such there should be (as i understand Rex used to run it) a financial or logistic incentive for the really big kit... the real crowd pullers that you're not otherwise going to see. Without that and as we have seen, due to the cost of hauling these around, these guys are going to unde
  2. Just had a bit of a Google, (why I didn't previously is anyone's guess ) However, putting A F Church and Uganda Railway in to Google turned up numerous references to the Kenya Gazette dating around 1910-16 and thereabouts. It seems to be A F Church (Arthur Fredrick) was Superintendent of Ways & Works and Acting General Manager at various times. I wanted to double check I was looking at the same A F Church and thought idly about some of the other names mentioned in the Gazette... https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=1deuo-c2lo4C&pg=PT1&lpg=PT1&dq=uganda+railway++a+
  3. Sorry for the delay...here's a pic of said shell and plaque. A.F. Church was my Great Grandfather.
  4. Many thanks for that, I'll have to spend some time looking through it and finding out what I can... In the meanwhile, I'll take a pic of the turtle shell/plaque for you in case you're interested and can glean any more info from it... Thanks again.
  5. Sure, no problem, As far as I've found they were was made by Elkington & Co. and hallmarked in Birmingham
  6. That's an interesting point, thanks. The silverware was handed down from my Father's side. His mother (my Grandmother) was born in India in 1900 and her father (surname Church) was a railway engineer as far as I am aware as we have a plaque mounted on a (very non-PC turtle shell) commemorating the building of the Ugandan Railway. I don't know much else, but it puts things in the right part of the world...I'll see what else I can unearth They appear to be dated 1908
  7. Hi all, i'm not sure if anyone can help, but I was given a selection of silver cutlery as a family hand-me-down, included were a couple of teaspoons with a crossed rifles emblem and the letters L.Co. and G.I.P.V underneath, can anyone shed any light on what they might be from. I've attached a pic Thanks in advance
  8. From the website: "There is no charge for essential support vehicles such as low loaders or vehicles trailering motorcycles, although we still require the vehicle details to enable us to issue passes."
  9. It might be worth giving someone at the Muckleburgh Collection a ring, as they offer paid rides and imagine they must have some PLI in place for it.
  10. Further to the above replies , here are some links to some airbases that have museums attached Suffolk http://www.bcwm.org.uk/ Bentwaters, Now a cold war museum but a great museum with some static jet exhibits and a fantastic bunker control room museum http://www.493bgdebach.co.uk/ Debach airfield http://www.mhas.org.uk/ Martlesham http://www.parhamairfieldmuseum.co.uk/ Parham https://www.bawdseyradar.org.uk/ and as mentioned before Bawdsey radar. South Norfolk http://www.aviationmuseum.net/ RAF Flixton (Bungay) http://www.453museum.com/ Old Buckenh
  11. Hindsight would make us all the greatest weather forecasters , as it happened the forecast was changing at least twice a day...I took my chances and got home dry. But as said above, we're not guests, we're paying punters ourselves and as such we retain the right to leave when it suits us best. All told I did have a cracking show, the shower pods were great other than the drainage issues and I presume they have their own water supply (in the big yellow bladders?) as such could they not be also located elsewhere on the site, spreading out the washing facilities a bit?
  12. I have to admit I packed up on the Sat, It was my intention to go on the Sunday as planned but the forecast was dire and I didn't fancy packing up and getting stuck on the M25 in a downpour with minimal weather protection :-(. I think that was the similar decision to the others that went early. I think the Sunday pack up is preferable though.
  13. Can anyone confirm whether the portable shower pods had their own water supply in the big yellow bladders nearby? It certainly looked like it. In which case why cant they site some of them further afield... in a further field I used these over the course of the week and other than draining issues which I would put down to excessive mud and not really anyone's fault, they worked very effectively with no discernible queue... but I shouldn't tell you all that you'll all want to use them next year
  14. No photos I'm afraid... but I wonder who's DUKW I saw on the back of a low loader driving past Woodbridge, Suffolk this morning at about 07:45?? I know of at least one in the locality, but wondered if this was someone's here.
  15. I thought I'd have a look and see what John Allison had said in CMV so I got myself a copy. I was a little surprised at his candid responses, in particular; "The key element is the entertainment and education of the public and schools. It's a massive event run by enthusiasts that just meet up once a year but you cannot run an event this size on that ethos, it's an entertainment and that entertainment is for the visiting public not for the likes of me and you who are there to enjoy it." I agree that it is a show put on for the public, but in this instance it is most definitely in equal
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