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HMVF Photo Shoot


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Are we having one ths year??? may be we can get a few more members to get out of their pits this year :coffee:

Good idea, but could we get a phone call to remind us, as some of us have short memories and tend to forget things such as er, dunno, I forget....

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If all goes according to plan and I can get the staff to help man the stall (Bodge :sweat:) I will be there too!


Hmmm...the photo shoot is about 3 hours before the stalls open Jack :coffee:

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I think it will be a miracle if the Dorset Dangler even turns up. But I am ready to be wrong on this.....We need our leader at the photoshoot (someone has to hold the ladder).



I am not so sure myself now Snap - all sounds a bit to rugged and manly for my liking. :embarrassed:

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I'm up for it and I'll tell shorty he is too.


Don't worry MarkSlipperyops, I'll bring the tow chain again. Can't have you getting stuck again now can we? :-D


- Mike


Especially as there won't be a handy Stalwart to effect recovery back to the pitch this time!! :-D:-D:-D


Should have the OT there though - with or without registration plates....



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Is there any mileage in suggesting an informal drinks party where we can all get together the night before? No pressure.




As there will be a large number of Forum Members just over the bridge in America's field that seems like a good place... how many can we get on Mike's sofa :cool2:

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Is he really coming? I've heard he's sending a lookalike. He's a bit like a dictator from a banana republic with a phalanx of lookeelikees sent out to take the bullet for him. The last one is buried under the clubhouse car park. So now you know why we had it resurfaced last year (The white lining was done by David Blunkett).


If he is coming...and I for one will rejoice, I suspect some beer might be enjoyed. As usual I cannot remember that flipping Dutch beer of Joris.




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Excellent Mark -


I have heard a rumour Jack is buying everyone a beer so best meet at his tent.




But I will be on business and I don't drink whilst on business and in bed by 21:00:coffee:

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