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The Marshall Plan - any info on vehicles?


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Without the Marshall Plan I doubt many of us would be fortunate enough to have our American WW2 vehicles. That includes quite a few which have made their way back to the USA in recent years.


I came across a nice plate on the WLF waiting to be restored -











It got me thinking that the truck, used by the Belgian forces, was probably suppiled as part of the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan).





My gmc ex French GMC was fitted with a repro steel cargo body of German manufacture in 1951, so would also be a Marshall Plan vehicle.





And some of the spares crates carry the famous Uncle Sam aid stickers.





But despite a lot of searching I cannot find any information on how these vehicles and spares were distributed. Especially what quantities were involved, and where they went.





The Marshall Plan ran from 1948 to 1951, and was intended to help rebuild the European economies after the war. With the outbreak of the Korean War, increasing amounts of the aid were used on rebuilding the militaries of Europe, although ironically it seems to have been the increasing cost of this war to USA which brought the ERP to a close.





Wikipedia carries a very good summary of the Marshall Plan and is worth a read, as are the discussion pages which accompany it. But no info on vehicles.





Can anyone throw any more light on this topic? There are odd references (rumours?) to surplus trucks lined up bumper to bumper being sold by the kilometre, but not much more that I can find. The information must be out there somewhere.





(Martylee, sorry I lost the information you supplied when emptying my Inbox)



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i would of thought that by the time the Marshall plan had started most of Europe would of been supplied vehicles under UNRRA. Part of this program saw the collection of thousands of surplus vehicles which were stripped and rebuilt and delivered across Europe (many dissappearing on the way :shocked: ) Though i could incorrect in my thoughts.


Tried to search UNRRA but most links related to the rehabilitation of displaced persons but there is good coverage in the jeep books ....

All American wonder may be worth further research.



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I know this isn't what you are looking for but I listen to this last week on Radio 4 - was going to post up on the forum but Black sunday kicked off.


Marshall's Plan



Allan Little recalls the programme developed by General George Marshall, the recently installed US Secretary of State in 1947, which injected 13 billion dollars into a postwar Europe in desperate need of reconstruction. Marshall had to sell his idea to an initially reluctant Congress, many members of which felt that the US had contributed quite enough to saving Europe. He also asks whether the plan hastened the Cold War and looks at the motives behind the Soviet Union's rejection of it.



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(Martylee, sorry I lost the information you supplied when emptying my Inbox)




And I don't remember what I wrote to you... Or do I? Let's see...

The norwegian army received (first number) and bought (second number):

Jeep 2184 + 1028

Dodge 3/4 2199 + 265(40 canadian)

Dodge 1 1/2 209 + 25

GMC 2505 + 72

Diamond/White 192 + 0

About 2500 Weasels also came to norway, not sure how many given or bought.


Did I write anything else to you?



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