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  1. Were ben hur trailers made with wooden sides at the later part of the war, like The trucks GOT more wooden parts towards the end? Marty
  2. I like this photo for all the reasons mentioned so far. I'd really like seeing the same photo With British vehicles and gir too. I'll try to find the book on e-bay. Being a Dodge owner it was of course the Dodges that caught my eye in the first Place. Marty
  3. Whatever the Wind blows, we must move together... And of course plenty of Jeeps and Volvos! :-) Marty
  4. Wehrmacht factory and re-enactors: Marty
  5. It is again time for the annual HMKF event at Trandum. Theme for this year was overseas operations such as the Normash at Korea. MASH you all know from the TV series and NOR from Norway. This was the contribution to the UN forces in Korea, hospital and crew. Also several vehicles from the Wehrmacht factory and Wehrmacht re-enactors. To top it all a lot of Marshall Aid Equipment. Normash: Marty
  6. Yes, it has been posted here before! I can't remember by who, but thank you for posting it! Life mag is the original Source. I must admit that I've spent hours looking at all the details in the photo. What I like best is all the different Equipment shown. Does anyone have a better one??? Marty
  7. We just got back from a brief visit to Denmark. The goal was to visit some of the museums, which we hadn't already seen, but also to see New Exhibitions at already visited museums. Starting With Aalborg defence and Garrison museum. http://www.forsvarsmuseum.dk/ I believe it to be my 6th or 7th visit to this museum, and there's always something New there. Being a seaplane base of ww2, they are restoring the old command bunker there. At this time you can visit about half of the bunker, which have old photos and items found in the area. New this year was removing the grass from the roof of the bunker. Being 75 years since Denmark was invaded the have an Exhibition of the invasion. Also, parallell to this a movie about a bicycle/ motorcycle unit was released at the cinema. The Exhibition shows some of the gir just by such a unit and several old photos from the invasion of Aalborg. What I think is good about this museum, is that it's always something New there. You are also allowed to touch much of the Collection. Several weapons are displayed, so you can lift them and dry fire them. The Collection covers pretty much the Whole Danish military from 1600 to present. Planes, tanks, vehicles, guns and firetrucks. On DVD from August 22nd. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3542188/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl Front, showing tanks and Saab Draken New April 9th display New from last visit Bailey bridge The bunker, unearthed... New vehicles Other photos Obstacle course for the kids I can highly recommend this museum. It has something intresting for from every service branch. The kids can play around. As mentioned you can actually touch much of the stuff! :-) And it's dynamic, it changes from from year to year, at least that's my experience. Marty
  8. I finally got to visit the Collection of the engineers at the old Hvalsmoen army camp. Now discontinued. Many old items ranging from abc warfare Equipment and mines to bridging equipment and Heavy vehicles. Personnally I found the bridge Equipment most intresting, as you will see of the photos. All displayed in its former barracks. Marty
  9. I usually post some photos of HMKFs (historic military vehicles Club of Norway)Meeting at Trandum. I will do so this year too. It took Place in june, but Things have been busy. This year there was panserfest at the same time. People are trying to start a museum in these historic cavalery area. To promote this, they held a display of both old ond New gir. Several of these vehicles belongs to the army. On sunday they also held a display With the Leopard in the driving course, which I did not see... :-( Anyway here's both modern and historic gear... Marty
  10. In late april 1940 the first fights between the german and the english army took place in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. At Kvam you can find a rather Nice museum dedicated to these events. Outside you see both the Norwegian flag as well as the union Jack flying. Marty
  11. And here's the remains... I'll make a thread of it's own for the review of the museum, which is pretty good! Marty
  12. A visit to Midtskogen where german forces were held up long enough for the king and goverment to get away. Marty
  13. Researching local wartime history. These photos are taken in the Moelv area between Hamar and Lillehammer. Marty
  14. My 42 Dodge WC51 is still running and took us to the show! :-) Even had the chance to put it in all Wheel drive mode for a brief moment going back home. Marty
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