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  1. Hello Many thanks. I found that yesterday but it doesn't show a side view sectioned drawing, through the shaft, clutch plate, pressure plate and cover, flywheel and the end of the crank, etc.. This is what I need but must be in an earlier manual?
  2. Hello Does anyone have a diagram from a manual showing a section through the Austin Gipsy clutch assembly, when assembled on the flywheel please ?
  3. Can you put this chap in touch with me please? I may be able to put an identity to this one. Regards
  4. Hello That's interesting. Where did you hear this please? Regards
  5. Hello RAF Shepherds Grove was near the village of Stanton in Suffolk. The Stirlings were Mk. IV's, used for both paratrooper and container dropping as well as glider towing. Would it be possible for me to have a decent quality copy of the photo with the people standing in front of it please? Regards Pino Lombardi
  6. Yes, I'm pretty sure its not American but is British.....
  7. Thanks Ron. I have came up with the same blank but hoped that someone on here might know something else; it's always worth asking. It was recovered a few years ago from Deelen airfield, with the bolts welded on. The Canadians stored thousands of vehicles there as you know. I had already measured the tube size which is 1/2", so could only assume it's British. I've just measured the bolts and they are 5/16 UNF. I would have thought that the Canadians would have used UNF threads? They didn't build any bikes that I know of, so I think it's still British but could also be American, though
  8. Hello Thanks. I have put the dimensions in the text but it measures about 13 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide. Its very similar to one seen in photos in British Forces Motorcycles and other books of mid 1930's BSA's. Any other ideas?
  9. Does anyone recognise this rear motorcycle carrier? It looks to me like it's British and early 1930's. One like this was fitted to early BSA's. It was found on Deelen airfield known as the dump, so is most likely been used by the Canadian forces. it could have come from an impressed motorcycle. It also has four bolts welded onto it. Anyone know what bike the carrier comes from and what the bolts were used for? It measures about 13" long x 9 1/2" wide. Any ideas??
  10. Hello Dave I was interested to hear abouit bthe Crossley tractor unit. Is it a wartime one? Do you have any photos please?
  11. Hi I have a complete working WS22 set installation for my jeep. Let me know what measurements you require and I'll try and help you. Cheetrs Pino
  12. Hello Paul Do you have any spare parts for a Clarkair Dozer please?
  13. Hi Thanks for that. I cant be certain that it is ex British but there is dark green paint underneath. At some stage I'll delve under the paint on the bonnet to see what I can find. Pino
  14. I have just acquired an ex Norwegian Ford Jeep. I still have the Norwegian number plates. Anyone any sensible ideas on how I might trace its history please?
  15. I just bought an ex Norwegian Ford Jeep. Anyone any sensible ideas on tracing its history please?
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