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  1. Ok will pass this information on to him, many thanks
  2. Hi, yes he has a manual and i believe he has tried your suggestion thats why he thinks its a relay or something, unfortunately there's no part numbers in his manual to try and source the parts Many thanks
  3. Hi everyone, A friend of mine is hoping someone can point him in the right direction with a problem he has with his M45 quad turret He appears to have lost power to the motor that controls the turret traversal. When its switched on at the control box, the motor does not start up (it used to). The firing circuit is working fine though, so the battery seems to be OK. Pressing the circuit breaker reset doesn't make any difference. He suspects a problem with the turret drive assembly switch but he's not sure. Anyone have any suggestions? He would also like to get a hold of a spare turret drive box assembly if someone knows where he can get one. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you to everyone for your help, very much appreciated, in its current condition what is it worth ??? Thanks
  5. Can anyone id this gun, calibre, country of origin, possible value, its missing wheels and part of shield, dated 1945
  6. Hi, thanks for the photo and information showing the differences, much appreciated
  7. I believe Crossfire have done the same to units as well ad private companies that supply vehicles / equipment to the MOD as ive seen their products on display mounted on vehicles. Because they have never been weapons there's less rules and regs for them to worry about when transporting them, same goes for the MOD hence why they use them rather than De-acts
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for some help with transport of a stone plinth weighing around 4 ton to be picked up from Dorset and taken to Caen Normandy before the weekend of 10th July. Its for a British veterans memorial to his unit. Can anyone help or offer affordable transport. I can get more details on request. Thanks for your time
  9. Thank you for sharing the great pictures and story
  10. Had a very enjoyable show as usual, a great event, looking forward to next years show already
  11. Message from MALCOLM DUNLOP :I would just like to say thankyou to you all for your best wishes GABI was found this afternoon in her car in a car park in ashford by the police search teams she is now in hospital I would like to thank war and peace for the notice. And a big thankyou to KENT POLICE for all there hard work thankyou. So a great result
  12. Urgently seeking missing Gabi Dunlop.. Many of you will know Gabi, who is one of the War and Peace Officials and member of Kellys Heroes, disappeared yesterday morning on her way to work and hasn't been seen since. Everyone is very worried about her and there is currently a Kent Police search underway. If you see Gabi or know of her whereabouts, please ask her to get in touch with her husband Malcolm, any of her family, the Police or even us here in the War and Peace office (01304 813337). Alternatively please let any of these people know you've seen her and help find Gabi. And if you're reading this Gabi; everyone just wants to know you're safe so please contact someone. Gabi left home yesterday morning (14 April) at 7.30am from her home in Lympne near the Racecourse. She was driving her black Audi A3 GJ60 RRO and heading to Sevenoaks for a 9am meeting. Her route would have been to J9 of the M20 then via the A28 towards Biddenden, on to Sissinghurst then Sevenoaks. She never reached Sevenoaks. Please share this to your contacts. Thank you.
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