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  1. Red Ward La France Wrecker on the back of low loader seen today at 07.50 near Snow Hill Garden Centre, Copthorne, west Sussex. Anything to do with you Mike Gillman as not very far from your house !!!!
  2. Look forward to seeing the Video, Hope you didnt scare any of the Locals ???
  3. So was a source for the planking ever found, apart from ebay is there anybody selling this stuff at present???? Thanks
  4. I'm just glad i could find someone who wanted to save it and actualy see it being saved before the scrapman got his cutting torch on it. This is what this forum should be about, sharing knowledge and saving the past for the future. Please keep me informed of the restoration. Regards
  5. So glad its been rescued and that you got it home safe, another one rescued from being in the history books ?
  6. I was starting to wonder what has happend to it, glad you rescued it, look forward to the pictures.
  7. Plain green lightweight landy in very good condition and a sankey in two colour camo very straight being towed behind a toyota landcruiser, both in Pafos Cyprus last week
  8. A very nice looking M38 Jeep on a trailer behind a Land Cruiser heading south on A22 towards Uckfield today at 15.15hrs Anyone ??????
  9. Another member I've spotted, Chris G in his Champ and Trailer looking cool in his shades traveling past clacket lane serivces Clockwise on the M25 today at 16.55 hrs
  10. You never know whos watching you lol
  11. MAN and Sexton SPG MAN lorry and trailer carrying a Sexton SPG heading north on M23 just past Gatwick today at 18.25 hrs Could it be Adrian Scotts ????????
  12. Think NWCB is making progress, but I will let him update everybody.
  13. GOOD NEWS, its still there, please send me a PM and I'll give you the farmers details Thanks
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