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  1. Bought a set. What do you use for varnish?
  2. What is the transfer on the top? Is it another winged M?
  3. I think the stuff I've got is probably what there is.
  4. Is any one aware of a field service pocket book relating specifically to motorcycles marshalling convoys. I have a copy of 1941 Pamphlet No. 6 "Mechanized movement by road" and 1943 Pamphlet No. 5 "Movement by Road & Rail" but haven't spotted any others. Anyone in the know? MS
  5. I may be wrong here, but I don't believe that serving personnel, in the middle of a conflict, would paint an "anatomically" perfect flying "M" on their bikes. Looking at the photos, while the logos may be different sizes, they are all consistent with the marque. That suggests transfers or factory paints. Monty
  6. Don't think there are any holes. Certainly no filler. Looks like it's out with the paintbrush then. Did you find the "C" number? Monty
  7. Thanks, any idea who sells the badges? MS
  8. Any ideas on the number which should go on a Matchless G3L (Frame number is 48273). I'm also a bit confused by the date allocated to the frame which by my knowledge is late 1942. Also lent out my book so can't check. Finally, how big should the "Flying M" be? All sizes are available from various suppliers. Any help gratefully received. Monty
  9. I have the contact of a local engineering work where (worst case scenario cost-wise) the guy can make new ones. Be very expensive though. As he says, "There's nothing that's been made that can't be made again". In the meantime the search continues.
  10. Good thought. I'll have a look locally to begin with (I'm in the north).
  11. I did wonder about a 1" threaded insert inside a more modern bearing (like a helicoil) but there isn't much room.
  12. All the same I think. It equates, as you say to 40mm. I've already had a reply from Fenwicks and it's a non starter, I'm afraid.
  13. Steering Head bearings are 1.577" OD and 1" ID with a 1" BSCY thread. Also have 22 balls of 3/16 diameter.
  14. Any ideas where I can get a replacement headstock bearing(s) in the UK? Also, did I read somewhere that the wording on the generally available oil mix transfer was not correct for the ML (I might have imagined this).
  15. I'd certainly be up for 2 contract plates.
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