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Dunkirk 80 years ago ww2. This week i will add some of my original Dunkirk photos.

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From the same lot . River Loire. German photos taken from my Original negatives . 1940.  Officer carrying a bag of Fish and chips😀. Map. I think the german who took the photos must have had a good camera as the negs are very good. Bridge on right of photo.

ww2 german troops.kb.JPG

ww2 german officers. kb.JPG

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On 2/4/2022 at 6:28 PM, Citroman said:

I found it at Cosne sur Loire. It took them till 1959 to rebuild. And a picture when it was new.




Hi .

Thanks for the photos, I always enjoy them.

I think this is the replacement (from a similar position).


Best Regards,


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19 hours ago, Citroman said:

Hi Adrian,

Could be but Cosne had an other suspension bridge they blew that up in 1940 too. Before this there was even an older version.


Hi Citoroman,

I think you are right.

The piers look very similar, even if the middle one is missing.

Thanks (-:

Best Regards,


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