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  1. They did burn a lot of equipment and had veh dumps near Dunkirk. I do have a large amount of photos showing burnt out veh. Photos from my collection
  2. Thanks Lex for trying. I Have had these original ww2 colour slides for a long time and could not ID the bridges. The last one with a barge is not the same bridge.
  3. Holland, Belgium or France 1940. Can any one ID the area these colour slides were taken. Does not look like Holland. Not a lot to go on.Slides from my collection.Keith
  4. German with British army tool box on the back. Dunkirk. Photo taken from my original negative .
  5. One more photo came in the post today . Could it be a ww1 us army truck Packard or a Peerless used by the French? Has a name on the front rad. Photo from my collection. Keith
  6. Leyland Retriever WW11 / War Time Lorry https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393275435377?hash=item5b910ae971:g:erMAAOSw7WBgiRlI
  7. On Epay. WW2 1943 Willys MB Jeep. Think it has been done up, cant see any jeep parts. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324743967641?hash=item4b9c3fb399:g:VIkAAOSwBDthDpBr
  8. Close up and photo made a lighter. Click on photo to enlarge.
  9. Could this be a ww1 truck with hard wheels on the back. Captured in 1940. Photos from my collection
  10. Just bought this photo of a ww1 US truck with US and number 4 on the back. Keith
  11. A few more of Scammell trucks from ww2 and post war. I will have look for more photos.
  12. Some of the original factory [RH] glass negs were put in a skip and saved. There were negs 5 in the box.
  13. Can any one ID these trailers from 1940, used to block the road. Front one looks British others could be French. Photo from my collection. Thanks for any help
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