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Fordson WOT6

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8 minutes ago, MatchFuzee said:

The photo was from 'The Modelling News' 

Construction Review: 35th scale Model W.O.T. 6, WWII British Truck from ICM Models


Looks like someone has made a bloomer then, unless some early WOT6 vehicles were different in the cab. I think the machinery truck was not in the early contracts.

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2 hours ago, Duson said:

WOT6 engine cover for comparison, pictures saved from the internet.

You could contact forum member Tom Watts who restored WOT6


WOT6 last 003.jpg


The cab interior photo here is the one I worked on, dashboard to right of steering column. I recognise the seat cushion as it came with my ex-Danish QL and was rock hard!

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2 hours ago, Duson said:

WOT6 engine cover for comparison, pictures saved from the internet.

You could contact forum member Tom Watts who restored WOT6


WOT6 last 003.jpg


I think shaping it might be a problem,  it’s safe to say mine might have a few right angles.

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“ when you start one of those jobs and half way through you say WHY!! “

Due to the general poor weather I decided to tackle a small in door job, the battery tray from the passenger side had suffered badly along with everything else on the passenger side



A fairly straight forward job, or so I thought 🤨

I decided that the original was to far gone to save and so set about building a new one.


One sheet of steel and measurements taken from the original tray.

Mistake number 1.....complete school boy error!! , I didn’t measure the opening in the floor..... the new floor I built🙄 funnily enough it wasn’t the same size as the old tray.



After folding and then straightening many many times It started to look like this

Spot welded for neatness.



Mistake number 2....who knows what I was thinking 🤔, it didn’t FIT


trying to be too millimetre perfect I didn’t allow for the folded ends!! 
bodywork adjustment tools required 


Now it fits🎉


before and after.


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Not much has happened recently, work has been hectic and laid up with a bad back hasn’t helped...but I’ve managed to get a few small jobs done. 

Flushed the radiator out and refitted it.



The throttle took a bit more working out, the previous owner had bodged a cable that just didn’t really work and the hand throttle had been disconnected main because the timing cover was resting on top of it.




Now I know it doesn’t look much but it took hours !! Fitting, removing, refitting, removing, welding small brackets, and fettling  just so everything clears and works smoothly, we probably take for granted just how much engineering goes into the making and operation of these small things, it’s only when someone has converted the vehicle from a V8 Petrol to a 4 cylinder diesel you realise what a knock on affect it has on everything......But.....if it was easy where’s the fun in that🤔🤨😩😂


Just to change the subject a bit my daughter sketched the Fordson as a surprise for me.....very proud Dad.



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Hi, I hope I'm not repeating things. If you need parts for your 4D engine, the serial no. in here should give you the type and year... https://www.selen.nu/cgi-bin/trsnr.pl?lang=en

Behind the dynamo there should be a casting code, put here to get the day of casting...https://www.selen.nu/cgi-bin/trnr.pl?lang=en

Interested to know if the dipstick has 'TRUCK' or 'TRACTOR' stamped on it.

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Thank you for the info, the serial number is 502E60611 which I believe is a Thames trader number, Super6 has supplied the info below but I was unaware of the stamping on the dipstick , I will investigate this week and let you know.

   On 7/15/2020 at 7:51 PM,  67burwood said: 

I’ve just cleaned it with a wire brush and yes it F29F. So just to confirm it’s a 1961 , possibly industrial use, but if I look for parts I could quote Fordson Major to make life easier?

Yes, I think it is an industrial or truck engine of 1961 vintage. Your fuel injection pump was not used on the Fordson Major, the tractor fuel lift pump was mounted directly to the block where your blank plate is attached. I do not know how interchangeable the tractor and industrial/truck engine parts are.

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