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Evening everyone    Well....the time had come to see if everything fitted 🤔 and..........it did!! , well almost......sort of.....kind of.....a few alterations later and a certain amount

“ it was a momentous moment “ The crowds had come from miles...well my neighbour Simon had popped over. The moment had come to reunite the lower cab with the chassis!! You could feel th

It’s been a busy few days, I’ve used every scrap of spare time in a big push to finish the back panel 🎉😬 22 separate pieces of sheet steel folded, joggled, curved and welded in....I must need my

Posted Images

The fabricating continues, Instalment number 2 of the engine cover.

I thought the passenger side would be easier with no handbrake to work around......I was wrong 😩

This was the only other original panel from the engine cover 



Unfortunately it just wasn’t going to work with this engine so has been set aside.

The problem with the passenger side is that the 4D engine manifold is wider that the original opening for the engine cover, I have purposely not modified any of the original panels just in case it ever get converted back to a V8.


New panel starting to take shape 


End support panel and yes it does look bent, it has to be an extension of the original rear panel to widen the cover.


Simple tools often work the best, short scaffold tube to form a curve.



Both finished panels, this time it only took half a day!! 🤨9B959000-89D3-4547-82BE-FC9102F72C69.thumb.jpeg.738b4e3b52495f1dbadbbe3e3f597fef.jpeg



The support panel is designed to be a permanent fix but can be removed if necessary, the side panel will be removable with just a few captive bolts.




This section of the original panel won’t be seen when the cover is fitted.



Final fitting and everything clears...Just the small job left of making the curve.......................watch this space...I have a swear jar ready😬



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Just a quick mid week update.

Finished the last side panel for the engine cover in preparation for.....

“ The Curve “  





 I’ve ordered another sheet of steel for the curve, gone for 1.5mm this time, harder to work with but with be a better job when done.

Making use of the off cuts and cut some smaller panels that had rotted.


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Ok.......” The Curve “ ....... this is how it went, bear with me as I am literally making this up as I go..

The familiar start


I has an idea in my head of what I wanted to achieve but wasn’t sure how it would turn out🤔


Measurements taken and the cutting commences 


The empty gas bottle is ideal for shaping


The shape is starting to come together, pity about all my new paint work that now needs touching up 🤨


a few spot welds to hold the shape , cut slots in the curve to allow gentle tapping until it started to form more of a curved shape, time consuming but  a sense of achievement when it actually starts to look like the idea in my head🤪


and before you know it , it’s finished



plenty of filler required and it may still need a bit of fettling but it sits well and does the trick, I have a set of toggle catches to fit which should be similar to the original style 




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At last!! The fabricating for the engine cover and side panels are finished 🎉😬


Every panel except one has been fabricated just to cover the engine and floor, it’s been a marathon to say the least !! 


All cleaned, prepped and ready for undercoat. 



Time permitting should hopefully get them all in green this weekend 




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Just a quick update, unfortunately not much has happened recently, work has gotten in the way of life at the moment but you have to take it while it’s there. 

I decided to add some sound proofing to the new engine panels, the main decision for this was due to the previous owner having left a pair of ear defenders hanging in the cab and a few comments by other forum member about the noise, my thought process was to reduce the risk of going completely deaf inside the Fordson while being able to retain my selective hearing for when the wife was talking  ( good job she doesn’t read this  😂 )


Sound proof was purchased from eBay, it’s self adhesive and foil lined, the adhesive appears to very sticky and took really well to the panels, only time and engine heat will tell if it stays stuck but for now very pleased with the performance. 





Everything got a layer of sound proofing and hopefully it should also reduce any vibrations between panels when there fitted. 

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Finally got a chance between the rain showers to refit all the painted panels.








Apologise for the poor pictures, the gazebo works well for keeping the weather out but blocks all the light. 




It was all going so well !! and then a minor miss calculation 🙄




After being so careful to squeeze everything in a misplaced engine cover catch ruins the day!!! 

well.....not really ruined , it only catches when the seat is tipped forward to access the battery tray, you still get over 3/4 tilt to access the tray but still annoying 🤨

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Just when I though the project was stalling a bit of a push was required 

Managed to grab a few hours of spare time to start fitting some previously painted parts




Steering box refitted with the now working hand throttle, steering wheel still needs a clean and paint but temporary fitted just to check it’s all working, it’s amazing how light the steering really is 🤥




crowning moment when the grill gets refitted, just need to get the touch up brush to paint the bolts.


lastly fitted the distinctive cab tray

It never ceases to amaze me that after all these years how well it still works 😁


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Zero-Five-Two, have been watching from afar, great work, looks fantastic.

That mug sitting on there reminds me when I worked at the Chrysler Plant here in Adelaide, the Japanese took it over in the 80's & we produced the Mitsubishi Galant & engine. 

The main thrust of the advertising was that you could balance a glass of water on the engine & not spill a drop!! 😄

Look forward to the next installment



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As the end of 2020 fast approach’s ( thank God !! ) I thought I would do a quick update the on progress of the Fordson since my last post.....


ZERO!!!!!!!!!! ......... the down side of working on your driveway , bad weather and short winter evenings coupled together with work being busy, lockdowns, COVID and isolation... the project has currently stalled for the moment but will resume when the weather improves or if I win the lotto and buy a massive fully equipped workshop!!  

I know we’re all in the same boat and it’s been a testing year for everyone but look on the bright side, the evenings are getting lighter ( slowly ) 2021 🤞will be a cracking year for military vehicle shows and hopefully we might get to go on holiday without wearing a Hazmat suit 🤨


Some of you might remember the temporary garage I put up to work on the truck CEA68B16-81B6-4B06-8C0A-69A9276EA9C7.thumb.jpeg.9cf41ff2e31abc4d0a05697c1b6a0141.jpeg


needless to say the wife was less than impressed but it served its purpose.

Fast forward a few months and this is how it looked this morning!!



Storm Bella clearly sided with my wife and didn’t like it either, despite being tied to the truck and 2 old batteries securing the legs it didn’t stand a chance....





And just to add insult to injury my wife sticks her head out the window, smiles and utters those words “ is it broken “  As you can imagine the reply can’t be posted on this blog 😬



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