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Fordson WOT6

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17 minutes ago, Hair Bear said:

I've been around at least a dozen E1A majors over the last 30 years, and only found out about the dipstick this morning! Knowing my current tractor had a replacement engine I just had to go and see - and yes, it has TRACTOR stamped on it. 

There’s always something new to learn, investigation starts tomorrow!!

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16 minutes ago, Zero-Five-Two said:


What a fabulous drawing, very talented lady.  She could make a living out of that sort of thing.  Can she do Militants?  Tanker sketch would be priceless

She’s a bit fussy with post war vehicles 😂

PM me a good picture and I will see what I can do. 

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There were effectively three applications for the 4D engine : Agricultural/Automotive/Industrial. The agricultural engine had a lower rated speed of 1800 rpm versus the automotive version which was 2400 rpm. The Industrial engine has slight differences like a decompressor to enable starting with a handle.


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“ At last some progress “


The time has come to start refitting the inside of the cab and to make an engine cover, I delved into the Fordson spares department ( didn’t take long )  and found some rusty gems 


most of the parts were self explanatory and finding the rear section of the engine cover was a result, however there are a couple of panels pictured below that I have no idea where they go...





Started to temporarily fit the panels just to see what fits and what needs adjustment 


first problem is the throttle cable, after many hours fitting it may need re-routing.



Rear cover fitted and you can see that this was obviously a problem before by the marks on the rocker cover, this old truck must have been like driving a wacker plate with the engine wedged against the chassis and the engine cover vibrating 😂




Seats and frames fitted just to see what space is left, not much... the hardest part will be making panels to fit around the handbrake lever




Quick question to anyone who has driven one of these truck, is the gear lever throw from 1st to 2nd etc..meant to be so long, it virtually touch’s the back of the cab when it’s in second, forth and reverse?

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The gear lever throw is awful, due to its long length. A little bit of wear in the selectors or the ball seat that the lever sits in and you have excess movement at the knob end !

Something else with the lever, I found the gearbox full of water as the boot was missing and water runs off the roof on to the box., we found a CV joint boot that was a perfect fit.

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5 minutes ago, 67burwood said:

Thank you for confirming that the gear throw is meant to be awful and that it’s normal, it should be an interesting drive !!

It might not have been so awful when new!

Only other bad one I have come across was a particular Thornycroft, that did not have a long throw, but had to put your arm behind your back to shift the lever 🤔

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2 hours ago, 67burwood said:

I am tempted to make a clamp on secondary lever as I don’t really want to modify the original, you almost need to be double jointed to hit 2nd and 4th!!

I have a feeling that I read somewhere that some had a remote gear lever either a different top cover or something attached to it, meaning the lever pivot was in the cab. Not got a manual to check on this.

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So........time to start fabricating the engine cover, drivers side first and this is all I had to go on....


made by a previous owner, it didn’t really fit and the square edge pressed against the back of your leg. 

Time to start fabricating 😬


I’ve gone with 1mm sheet steel as it’s easier to work with, not sure if it was the right choice but time will tell, I am still in two minds to have gone with a slightly thicker gauge. 

first offering not looking to bad.



finished panel, it still amazes me just how long it takes to make.



second of 3 panels and almost finished, it only took a whole day!!!!


final fitting 🙂



Quick dust of paint just to protect until the final paint is done.




just the passenger side to do and then the easy curved top🤨



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1 hour ago, Zero-Five-Two said:

Quality work takes a bit of time, and your fabrication is definite quality.  Looking forward to see how you tackle the curved top

Thank you for the complement Rob.

The curve should be interesting, looking forward to tackling it in the next couple of weeks 🤥

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2 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

Blimey, that starting price looks a bit steep, for a couple of crusty gauges and a bit of tin work that anybody halfway handy could make for themselves...

67Burwood, I have been following this thread since the start; nice work!

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