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  1. Maybe you need to get swmbo to agree to a tent repair, then repair it with 5 tons of RSJs and a truckload of insulated cladding.
  2. I tried imagining all sorts of things mounted on that panel but gas paint wouldn't have been one of them. So simple! So moving on, the pic of the kitted out truck - is the lathe lefthanded or have I got the perspective wrong? Thanks .
  3. Hi, In this film Brian Murphy is seen driving a Bedford (M?) truck. It appears to be in Army green suggesting it's been in service, and if you look closely it has what looks like a Nato type hitch to the left of the bonnet on the wing. Was there a hard point behind the wing for the hitch to be used in situ, or is this the storage location?
  4. Please excuse my ignorance, what is the purpose of the 'shelf' above the rad?
  5. Hair Bear


    The reg was backwards on a piece of tape seen on the inside of one of the Nubian Windscreens. Unfortunately, little is safe and nothing is sacred. The ramblers questionable 'right to roam' and rafts of bad info on social media regarding trespass laws appears to have given all toerags and lower middle class chavs the god given right think they can go wherever they want and do whatever they like - all very well until they walk into a Norfolk type situation. And you daren't challenge them. They have the camera and report you for being offensive, or return later and torch the place. Abou
  6. Hair Bear


    Noticed this on a sticker on a windscreen ion a YT video. Random no., or MV related?
  7. This may be of interest... Just browsing through some old Viewmaster reels and found a pic of what I think is a Bedford OY and another MV I can't identify outside Waterloo Barracks dated 1948. If anyone can work out how to get the picture digitized, it is Viemaster reel 1012 'Tower Of London', scene 1.
  8. I've been around at least a dozen E1A majors over the last 30 years, and only found out about the dipstick this morning! Knowing my current tractor had a replacement engine I just had to go and see - and yes, it has TRACTOR stamped on it.
  9. Ah, sorry, I'll just carry on following! Great thread, Rob.
  10. Hi, I hope I'm not repeating things. If you need parts for your 4D engine, the serial no. in here should give you the type and year... https://www.selen.nu/cgi-bin/trsnr.pl?lang=en Behind the dynamo there should be a casting code, put here to get the day of casting...https://www.selen.nu/cgi-bin/trnr.pl?lang=en Interested to know if the dipstick has 'TRUCK' or 'TRACTOR' stamped on it.
  11. Depends where in Surrey you are but the Basingstoke canal does cover Weybridge to Frimley in the west end of your patch.
  12. Sorry, they are asking too many questions . What is it? How often do you use it? Valid queries. Where is it kept? How is it secured? What's it worth? I wouldn't disclose that to anyone I didn't know.
  13. Hopefully of use to someone for research, a general view of traffic in Stanstead in which there are four or five army landrovers caught on this colour clip with some markings and badges visible. https://www.britishpathe.com/video/juggernauts-in-stanstead/query/juggernaut
  14. My 1978 mk2 Escort Estate (05GX38) was black / black.
  15. I had a book from the library about farm tractors which had a picture of a Sherman being used for ploughing. I'll try and find the book title.
  16. A link to CMN and an interesting piece of machinery. http://www.classicmachinery.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=119041#p119041
  17. If it's completely empty turn it into the gift shop - or restaurant. Similar theme to next door. 😉
  18. Didn't know if it may be of interest to someone. The small wheels and short drawbar do suggest airfield ops maybe, rather than road going use.
  19. Any ideas? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ex-Mod-Small-Trailer-Box-Storage-Trailer/174201959054?hash=item288f3ef28e:g:8MkAAOSwQLZeQVWD
  20. Sorry, didn't mean to confuse... But I should've thought of that as I found it while googling something in Devon.
  21. I've not heard of this place before but some interesting machines. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g5994286-d7222481-Reviews-Ilfracombe_Machinery_Heritage_Museum-Ilfracombe_Queensland.html
  22. Something in the mist of memory tells me the engine was a Perkins Prima. Also fitted to Austin Maestro and Montego diesels.
  23. It may be the way I'm looking at the Steyr, but there does appear to be the trademark canter on the back axles.
  24. You're right, the 200 was simply a J4 with a bonnet later known as the LDV Pilot. The 300 became the LDV Convoy. I put a lot of miles on a mk1 Sherpa and loved it. The Maxus is now back in production in China.
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