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Canvas paint

Lord Burley

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A few months back i bought a gallon of canvas paint from a well known paint supplier in the MV world.I painted the canvas on the 101 using the whole gallon in the process.Now after taking the canvas off and rolling the sides up a few times its started to peel very badly.Arent these canvass paints supposed to be more durable.I thought it had a wax type base to it to make it more flexable.Anyone with any ideas.This is what it looked like before it all went Pete Tong

width=640 height=475http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l38/BLUETHUNDER_06/100_9588.jpg[/img]

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4 years ago I bought 5 litres of canvas paint from a well known supplier. Ad said waterproofs correct shade etc. etc.

Big mistake. Applied it to my 9x9 which really was OK but thought I was being clever in sprucing it up.

Paint looked like vehicle paint, smelt like vehicle paint, went on like something from Tate & Lyle and was nothing like the correct shade. Result I have a rigid 9x9 which does n't require a frame. Weighs probably in the region of 3 times MOD spec weight. And won't even fit into a 12 x 12 canvas holdall. Supplier still swears its the right product and still is advertising.

Moral don't waterproof unless absolutely necessary or if you have to, visit a builders merchant and purchase one of the propriety clear waterproofing solutions.

Cheaper and more effective.

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I had this problem. It turned out to be sap from the trees which the vehicle had been parked under. It all looked clean, but rubbing the top of the canvas showed it was mucky. Once it was cleaned with washing up liquid and warm water it worked fine.


I think you may have hit the nail on the head.I had some streaks over the roof and some parts down the sides.I put this down to sap from trees.Its peeling in exactly those places.Looks like a scrub up and brush down,and start again.
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Try emulsion paint .We painted the ALBION canvas with it about 20 years ago it stade on and lasted well .The canvas is original to the truck 63 years old . T CORBIN




:-) Great Looking Truck.

Keep forgetting this one, when listing my 'wish list',............there was one at Troops and Trucks;....................Lovely

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The aquaseal stuff is a last resort to see you through another season, in the long run it makes the canvas dry and brittle, at least that was what it did with my first 101 canvas. If you've got to the stage of having to treat a canvas, maybe it's time to put pennies in the pot for a new one.


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