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  1. Hello I am trying to get an Iltis body from Belgium. It's close to Liege. The dealer will not supply me one "off the pile" so to speak. Someone must go and pick one, but I am not able to do that myself due to a whole list of reasons. Can someone, go along, pick one, and if possible transport it back to UK please? Even if its. just have a look, and pick one that would be of massive help. I have tried for over a year to get this done, but no joy. Thanks Andy
  2. Only used on 6/8. But not on all production, early ones not fitted.
  3. Some Rovers (24 volt) were fitted with a socket to start helicopters. But most I have seen had the socket on the seat box front on the nearside. but like all these things, lots of differant versions would have come about.
  4. Good work. I and others will be in Plymouth city centre on Saturday, 6 vehicles at the momment and about 15 collectors.
  5. I have seen this with Series in general. This is normally because someone took the lights off the repalce a wing, or paint. Then put them back the wrong way.
  6. It's good to be back in MUNGA land at long last! Trish I know will ensure I don't go at things like a bull at a gate, but hope to be able to help people as much as I can. First answer to a question is, yes 205x16 fit and are a good ride. But like ALL tyres on fitted to the MUNGA, you must make sure that the wear is the same on ALL the wheels. If you don't, you will get wind up in the transmission. That can lead to the joints wearing quickly, and problems with the gearbox etc.
  7. Hi again. Sorry I have not been about, but as you know I had a bit of a accident. To make sure I rested etc, Trish (who is a nurse, so knows best) has been looking at the forum and telling me what's going on. But she did not want me to get back to doing things, until I was fit enough to do all the things she knows I would want to do. Anyway, all but back to as close as we can expect to normal operation. So over the next week or so, I will start to get things back in hand.
  8. From memory, it's an eight foot whip type. A bit of wire that long will do for testing. The radio I think, is positive earth but I can't be sure as it's about 30 years since I played with one. I will try and look out my notes. An antenna complete with special mounting should be in the kit of bits, if complete. If you take the radio out of the case, be careful with the valves etc. Only take one out at a time, and pull the base bit NOT THE GLASS! Also, don't poke fingers in with it running. The power unit produces over 250 volts for the valves, and it really hurts if you touch it! Always keep one hand in your pocket, as this makes sure you don't get a shock across your heart.
  9. Yes, these were for staff cars etc. Built from about 41 to about 46. If the radios not been used for a few years, the capacitors may very well have died. So don't expect them to be the best in the world. Start the radios on a bit less than 5 volts, and work up to the full 6.3 volts over 24/48 hours or so. If you can get them working, not bad to listen to world service etc.
  10. Welcome, here in Plymouth I have Rover Mk8 FFR, Rover Mk8 GS, Munga 4, Iltis. So understand your interest in early Land Rovers. Very freindly on this forum, and lots of people who know all there is to know about all sorts of vehicles and kit. Have fun, make freinds and welcome again.
  11. John Due to falling down stairs (no I had not had too many NAFFI buns!", I can't get to my MUNGA info/spares. With luck, I will be mobile enough next week to get to bits for you. The new canvas arrived yesterday, and it looks really good. The chap's made a superb job of it, if anything beter that the original ones! Just hope to try it on my MUNGA, as soon as I can get to it.
  12. I seem to remember talking to a MOD and an OFCOM man, and even PRRs are not legal even to own. I am sure ALL Bowman kit is in fact not owned by MOD, but by GD. You can buy a PRR from Selex etc, but NOT for use in UK the items MUST be exported. But to be sure i will ask the people I know in MOD and OFCOM again.
  13. John Sorry I did mean to put the pages in the post to you, but forgot! Arms are standard Bosch, I will find the part number for you, just needs a small mod. Wiper motors are the same as on most post war German vehicles, I will see if I have a spare. How can you say it rains in Wales, I have heard the local councils are buying in plant to move all the dead camels off the roads due to lack of water!
  14. You just need general purpose grease, but don't over do it. Same grease for all nipples on the MUNGA.
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