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  1. Glad to hear it's still on, my ferry over from Ireland is already booked. Camping with friends travelling up from Kent but I'll be in my civvy 110, would need a mortgage to bring the 101 over! I'll lose the 110 in the car park during the day obviously. Look forward to doing a quality check on the beer!
  2. Several of us got deer ticks at a BOAR event in Belgium a few years ago and it was me that had the one that I couldn't get at, could feel it but not see it! I had the embarrassment of it being dug out by Major Tom using Swiss Army knife while I was lying on a camp bed and surrounded by other group members laughing at my expense. They cement themselves in so if you're not careful you can leave bits behind, hence the digging with the knife. The amount of alcohol consumed at the event acted as a painkiller and antibiotic! They are truly revolting little barstwards, another member took gre
  3. We only rolled out the data cable once on the group's launcher, never did it again!! We also only deployed the launcher and Blindfire for shows and in the sunshine as well and never in a hurry! As the one who did the most towing it was usually me that checked everything was put back together properly. I think it's 4 years or so since any of it's been out, suspect we've lost the knack of doing it now. I think the holes in the side of the reload trailer are for strapping the missile tubes down when there isn't a full load on board.
  4. Jerrycans with petrol always make a bit nervous! I keep 10-15 litres in one of the five on the 101 and trailer but never more. I have vague memories of someone saying you should earth a jerrycan on the body before you open it as static could be a problem as you touch the neck off the filler. Can anyone verify this?
  5. I was given an envelope of photos by BAe of a development of the Rapier trailer. Just posted some on the 101 and EMLRA forum, thought they would be of interest here as well. There's around 20 photos but I've scanned 6, the rest are all similar. They show what a new out of the box trailer looked like and it's one being kitted out to recover Rapier B1 generators, basically anything gloss green or yellow isn't standard. I don't know whether BAe were doing it for their own internal use or if it was for the MOD, whatever, it's typically over engineered! The photos were taken in 1981 and they re
  6. There was an An Slua Muiri re-union at Camden Fort at the weekend, I couldn't make it but a mate of mine had a chat with them. Turns out the Naval Service had four Champs, no further details though.
  7. The MMVG used to put acres of net up, in the end we only did it for three day shows, something like 200ft x 100 ft. The secret was to lay it flat on the ground, nail one or two edges down and then work it up in the air with loads of poles and mushrooms with the whole lot tensioned along the raised front edge. Most of the tent city then went underneath and nothing hidden, except from the air! Think the last the whole lot was up was 2007.
  8. That's probably 1 tonne at shortest reach, may be less that 400 at full stretch. According to "In National Service" the dry weight is just shy of 460kg. I'd be looking at a minimum of a 2t crane, check out the likes of Machine Mart, you should find load charts there.
  9. Minor update, that style of plate came in in 1969 although it's a 62/63 Dublin registration.
  10. I bow to your superior knowledge, couldn't find any pics of a civvy champ to check! Whatever, it's certainly very shiny, may have been bought and done up for ceremonial use? The army have done something similar recently, have a couple of Td5 110s bulled up for towing hearse gun carriages, using a Nissan Patrol or Mitsubishi Pajero just wouldn't look right! Unfortunately the book on Irish Army vehicles doesn't cover the Naval Service.
  11. Hi Tony, all fine here,attending lots of shows and getting well known in Land Rover circles here! Spent the weekend eating drinking and sleeping in the casemates in the background of the photo. Been thinking about the picture, style of number plate makes it a 70s picture and I think it's a rare civvy Champ, there's an Austin badge on the edge of the bonnet, Rubbolite indicators and an AA badge! Whether it was borrowed for someone's send off or was in service is a different matter, the army bought civvy Land Rovers and militarised them.
  12. I was at Fort Camden in Crosshaven near Cork at the weekend and came across a picture of a Champ in use by An Slua Muiri (Naval Reserve) who used the fort up to the 80s. The fort has been opened to the public this year but there's lot's of work to done yet.http://www.rescuecamden.ie/ I didn't know there were any in Irish service and not seen any mention elsewhere but I found a copy of the picture on An Slua Muiri archive site. The registration is a Dublin one. Been right through the archive and can't find any more.
  13. Cheers Clive, I think he's now worked out there's a problem with the generator itself. If I hear any more from him I'll let you know, may be looking for a genny at Dunsfold, I'm over for the weekend.
  14. Friend has had the Mk 4 generator panel on his FFR burn out. Before he fits a replacement he wants to know are they prone to this or will it have been triggered by a generator problem? I pointed him to Clive's articles on the subject and I think he's intending to sign up here but any additional advice would begood
  15. It's not 101, they were prefixed 956 and ABRO wouldn't be re-coning them in 93. The bellhousing looks too long as well. Only thing I can find is an old post on Landyzone where someone was asking about a 17C LT95 in a 110 built on a military chassis assumed to be Shorland. http://www.landyzone.co.uk/lz/f31/lt95-gearbox-info-19748.html ABRO wouldn't have been doing boxes for the RUC made variations on armoured 110s would they?
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