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Panzer 2 turret

johann morris

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Apart from a few other projects, I have been busy making this little item. Its the elevation and depression mechanism for the mantlet, and thus the armament. Not only does it move the mantlet but it also contains the trigger mechanism for the main 2cm gun. I was going to make it a welded component that looked the part but didn't do anything, when I mentioned that to my wife she just gave me one of those looks that said "don't be silly". Anyway Rotating the hand wheel obviously moves the mantlet and then if you pull the lever on the hand wheel, it pushes a shaft, that moves a cam, that pulls a shaft, that rotates the dog leg shaft that in turn moves a roller that lowers a flap that fires the gun. Simple now that its finished. This is the last major item that I have to make for the turret, so apart from a few pins that I have to turn up on the lathe, I can get on spray the bits and pieces. While I wait for the steel profiles for the rest of the project, I will have time for the Morris, I hope.








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One thing that has been vexing me somewhat, is what was I going to us as a sight for the turret. The panzer 2 used a tzf4 sight and as this sight was only used in this tank, there aren't many about and the ones that I have seen for sale have been very expensive, so I came to the usual conclusion. I think that I am right in saying, that British tank sights of the time were fixed, so that the gunner had to raise or lower his head with the guns elevation or depression. German sights were made to bend so that the Gunner didn't have to move his head as the mantlet moved. This makes the sight quite an interesting project in its own right using 4 mirrors to reflect the light and hence the view. I have managed to replicate the reflection aspect and no matter how the sight bends you get a good view out of the end, all be it small. The problem comes when I introduce a lens, as you can see. I am sure that there is a simple solution out there somewhere.









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by the way the british gunners didn't need to move their heads whilst aiming the gun as the 2 pdr had free elevation and the gunner used his legs (assisted by a spring loaded seat) to aim and control the whole gun and mantlet. those early gunners were a special breed

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Evening all,


I have been very busy, the upper hull is complete, painted and waiting for me to make all the fittings. The drivers vision cover is complete. The turret has been painted and the markings applied and now I just need to assemble all the fittings into it. I decided that while I am making other bits it would be nice to have a stand so that I can sit the turret on top of the upper hull and as you can see that's done but I am going to add some casters so that I can move it around easily.

I hope Enigma thinks that it all looks ok now that its painted.










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Outstanding work, strange how wives don't get excited by such things, mine just asked, what you looking at and I showed her the pics "what is it" she asked "a work of art" I said......

"yes but what is it" was her reply

" A Panzer tank turret"  got that look and the head shake and she left the room.....


BRDM Driver   There was a guy at The War and Peace with a stall with  new made replica GPMG's 


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My wife is fantastic but I do wonder how much notice she actually takes. When we went down to the tank museum to take dimensions from their PZ2F, someone asked me what I was doing, my wife overheard the conversation and afterwards asked was the one that I was making the same size as the one that I was measuring, as she thought mine was a small model. This is the person who provides coffee  on a regular basis and has watched it grow and she hadn't noticed its size.

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