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  1. There's a thread on this site about the J60 engines, Robert: The engines do appear to be interchangeable, and modifications made to military versions seem to have been incorporated into versions for the civilian market.
  2. You are Granny Weatherwax & I claim my £5 prize :-)
  3. I'm actually really pleased to hear that, Jon... I know you considered using some existing track from e.g. a BMP, but I suspect you'll get the best, most authentic result by fabricating the links yourself.
  4. Does that mean you've made a decision about what tracks to use, Jon?
  5. With a few exceptions, it's also illegal for British residents to drive vehicles in the UK that are registered in another country.
  6. Fantastic, that's my local event!
  7. Outstanding work as usual, Jon.
  8. IIRC the red ones hold the split rims together, the white ones are for fastening the wheel to the hub.
  9. And if it's any help, RAD Abt. 8/230 was based in Lobenstein, Thuringia.
  10. Could it be a female to female jack plug connector? No idea of the scale but it looks about the right shape.
  11. Good info from Le Prof there. Also, the use of full stops after acronyms (e.g. "U.K." in this instance) had fallen out of fashion in British English by the mid to late 1980s. Maybe that'll help you get a bit closer to the date of manufacture.
  12. Very interesting, a bit like an armoured 3-door Range Rover TACR2a 6x6.
  13. Haha! No worries, the offer's still there if she gets stuck... that sort of stuff is my daily work :-)
  14. I don't know whether you've seen this (e-)book before, it specifically deals with Wehrmacht vehicle track structures & designs - perhaps it would be of help? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panzerketten-Gleisketten-deutschen-Kettenfahrzeuge-Weltkrieges/dp/3943883000 It's in German, but I'd be happy to translate any specific sections for you if needed.
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