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  1. That looks more like a slipper drop tank... difficult to know what size it is from the picture though.
  2. Does it have any markings? If so I should be able to help you with a translation.
  3. On a side note, I was looking on the gov.uk website last night and I noticed that tracked vehicles are exempt from vehicle approval in the UK... https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-approval/exemptions-from-vehicle-approval So you might well be able to register it, Jon :-)
  4. I've been thinking the same thing, this is my favourite thread on the forum.
  5. I've seen some good full-size static models made out of wood, is that an option for you? It'd certainly be cheaper.
  6. Hi Sean Thanks for the reply. Is there any chance you could post a pic of the trousers? The jacket's unfortunately too small for my mate.
  7. How much do you want for the trousers? I might know someone that wants the RAF jacket too, what size is it & how much?
  8. Yes, the "Ergänzungskasten" and the "Vorratskasten."
  9. Nerd factoid: the designation "Jumo" was applied to all petrol, diesel and jet engines produced by Junkers... it's a typically-German contraction of "Junkers Motor". :-)
  10. I'm sure others are wondering this too - what are you planning for the tracks?
  11. There are lots of IS3 hulks on Shikotan Island, to the north west of Hokkaido Island, Japan: https://russiatrek.org/blog/army/abandoned-tanks-on-shikotan-island/
  12. What about a Schwimmwagen? Possibly easier than a tank but with its own challenges, I should imagine.
  13. As ever, I remain immensely impressed by the levels of skill & detail in this Pz II recreation. Keep up the good work!
  14. Glad you got it sorted, Tony. And glad you found cheaper insurance... I've got a 4.0 V8 Disco 2 as well, with a manual box :-). It's a gem to drive but it's a thirsty bugger...!
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