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  1. My thoughts also, possibly an appearance on eBay..... with a silly price tag. Ruxy, that’s Interesting about the steel, I know little about the Lightweight but have seen a lot which were rotten compared to other series LR’s. Reason I never went OTT with bid, also the fact I’ve just bought a Series 3 109 FFR....😀
  2. I bid £3500, but was a blind bid as couldn’t get there to view, missed out on one that had had the chassis and bulkhead done ( galvo) for £7000.
  3. £4500 winning bid, about £5700 with fees....
  4. Anyone have rough guide price of the above, it retains its Military Trim and 24v system, it’s a soft top comes with several spares including A civilian canvas and Sankey trailer. It’s on the road and will be tax and MOT exempt next year. Very good condition, except a few bits on the bulkhead, I can sort these at a later date as it’s not major and had no advisories in last two MOT,s Its nice example that hasn't had any artistic flare. If I went by eBay prices I wouldn’t be buying it. Been a long time since I’ve had a Landy so out of touch with prices , but not as out of touch as with some sellers on eBay. I’ve had three in the past so know a little bit and done a complete Bulkhead restoration on one....
  5. Thanks Richard, Gives me a wider search
  6. Thanks Jenkinov and Paul, Jenkinov, its the whole filter casing etc I need (my mistake in original post), it bolted on to the frame, anything similar and similar size would do.
  7. Looking for some bits for a WD BSA B40 I recently acquired, the oil filter and the battery cover if any one knows of a source ?
  8. Thanks If anyone does come across him please direct him here. M7RFD
  9. Ron, I used Por15 on my Matchless G3L tank, although never really had petrol in for a long time but was impressed with the stuff. Thanks again For the Vokes plate.
  10. Thanks Richard couldn't remember if it was bore or a bearing...... didn't have it to hand as its in storage.
  11. Tom, Can you elaborate on the engine number, I've Some crank cases that have had the small small brass plate riveted on over the original number, the number is re stamped above the brass plate, the plate is just an identification regarding ( I cant remember if its bore size or bearing ??? someone will chirp in.) This would of been done by the REME at some point.
  12. I've just come back from RAF Cosford, The Radio room Next to Museum is Run by the Founder of VMARS, he may know of someone.
  13. Tarland, thanks for the above, I was in the yahoo 320 group but since it was moved heave never bothered, Never seem to get anywhere with the new style of groups. Back to my original post and finding a bit more of the article by Leighton (VRC 321 LSB conversion), he mentions the PCB he received from, Oliver Tillet G3TPJ ? Does anyone here know Oliver ?
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