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  1. PUT THE TURRET ON! PUT THE TURRET ON! PUT THE TURRET ON!!! just for a minute! Please! Please Please!!!! John
  2. According to David Fletcher it was the British representative not Patton that nearly soiled himself...Patton was quick to reassure him by saying "don't worry old boy, we are still on your side!"
  3. Hi guys looking to machine up some smoke launchers for some Russian/Soviet post war era tanks. We know its a longshot but would anyone have one they would part with or even could lend or get a proper blueprint made of? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello all as the title states, we are looking for all the original Russian CES gear and tools that would have come on tanks, We are interested in all for the T54, T55, Type 69, and especially T72. So if you have any tools, measuring equipment, socket wrench (see picture) the coveted delta shaped multi-dipstick (see picture), etc, Please let us know. Also looking for period correct accessories like the factory canvas tarp, gas masks, etc. Any and all assistance greatly appreciated. Regards John
  5. Un-assembled set now SOLD, one set left as pictured, email sent to you Frank.
  6. Now with the Sherman restorations winding down we are beginning to sell off the parts surplus to our requirements. For sale is two sets of T84 rubber block track for HVSS Sherman, M26 Pershing, M46/47 Patton. These tracks are set up for M4A2E8 or M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman tanks with correct center guides. To use them on other types listed you would have to change the center guides which are available at extra cost. Tracks are in Excellent shape, the un-assembled track is brand new and never been on a vehicle. The assembled track is in excellent shape and has sat the last ten years inside in a museum, hence the shiny black paint. These tracks are getting harder to find and so far nobody is reproducing the wide track. If you have a Sherman or are planning to get one, once the tracks wear out there are no more. Price is $20,000 Canadian dollars for each set. Will Ship worldwide, due to the date of manufacture these tracks ARE NOT controlled or governed by ITAR. Will Ship worldwide. For UK buyers, we have a container leaving for the UK in the next couple of weeks. Located in Vancouver Canada. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi All looking for the cable reel that mounts to the back of a Centurion turret. I am also looking for the .30 cal browning GPMG mount that would have been used by the commander. As well I am trying to find a Centurion Gun Crutch or Travel Lock, and finally the rear tow pintle setup with the spring for Centurion. All leads are appreciated! Regards John
  8. I thought I saw rebuild kits on Marcus Glenn's website...or perhaps Empire Trading in Australia John
  9. Here is a picture of an M4A2 muffler and the rear plate of the M4A2 without the muffler attached. The opening has been masked off to prevent green paint over spray in the engine bay. Muffler bolts right to the rear hull plate above the pintle hitch. Also a picture of the M4A2 rear idler (HVSS), hope this helps! Regards John
  10. It has been my experience that the M4A2 and M4A3 hull were virtually identical, lower wise. M4A4 being longer than both. The M4A2 has a dual muffler assembly that bolts to the rear plate and has no opening to access the engine. The bolt on muffler outlets seem to vary a bit, this could be between M10 and M4A2's? Adrian will be able to be definitive. The M4A3 has the engine access door as well as an exhaust outlet on either side of said door. Two cast exhaust outlets usually feeding into an exhaust deflector of some type. But to be fair the M4A2 also had a variety of exhaust deflectors. Checking out the VVSS idlers on the M4A2 and the M4A3, they seem to be the same, even the HVSS idler mounts seem identical, but this is from a quick glance so don't quote me. Check out the Sherman Minutia homepage for great detailed photos of the differences between Sherman variants. http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia John
  11. I have heard the steel in tracks referred to as "Hadfield Steel" Evidently its composition is such that it work hardens, The fellows that cast new Tiger 1 links in Russia have used the same steel, 10-14% manganese...
  12. Thanks Adrian, I totally forgot about that, he mentioned that once before! Thanks so much John
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