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Hello all.


I've owned my Series 1 Land Rover since 1979 and assumed it was a civilian version as it has a registration number that appears to have been issued from new (DVLA history only goes back to 1974 with the 5 previous owners not detailed). However, I have a strong suspicion that it was part of a batch sent to the Ministry of Supply and allocated a "civilian" style number - NGY 990.


I wonder if anyone here can confirm this or even knows anything about it's possible life after being distributed by the Ministry?


I started restoring it (functional not concours) but a little over 10 years ago another hobby took all my spare time and there's still a lot to do. Hopefully, I can give up work within the next year or so and will be able to devote some serious time to the job!


The chassis number is 57012124 if it's any help...



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Thanks for the warm welcome chaps! I don't suppose mine features in your records Wally?


Civil Defence was certainly a use I had thought of. Was that what went on at Chertsey or was that Army related - there is still quite a lot of Army presence in that part of Surrey.

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MARTIN IF your landrover was at the FVRDE fighting vehicles research and development establishment CHERSTSEY

or the MVEE military vehicle engineering establishment CHOBHAM the reason for me using CHERTSEY is that as your series

one may have been there when it was called FVRDE CHERTSEY which it was stopped being titled as in 1970 from 1970

it was titled MVEE COBHAM as yours is a series one l think it is unlikely it would show up in any records after 1970 if it had been there if your landrover was there when the annual audit took place you may be lucky if it was not then there is no way of finding out all l can say is that the NGY registration numbers were on some of the vehicles that came through CHERTSEY

MARTIN hope this explains the position briefly



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DON'T know Chertsey? :wow: Used to be known as MVEE Military Vehicle Enginnering Establishment. :D Design and testing of vehicles and famously the Chobham Armour used on British Tanks. .


Red face time...I realised after posting although I would have recognised Chobham immediately!

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MARTIN you in your first post you said you thought it may have been a ministry of supply vehicle and l replied that it was

since then l have looked in to the NGY registration numbers and yes these numbers were issued to the MINISTRY OF SUPPLY ln a 1957 M O S

vehicle sale these are just a few of the ones with NGY numbers sold lot 369 FORD popular NGY 45 lot 711 BEDFORD

prime mover NGY 435 lot 714 Bedford van NGY 156 AS you can see this number NGY was used on a mixture of types of

vehicles not only LANDROVERS

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