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Happy Birthday to our leader!!!!!!!!!!


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Have a great day JB!! The whole world celebrates with you today :)

Love and kisses The Cubes xxxx


Thanks Rosie!!


And yes - made it to 45 :shocked: What a year, don't really want another like it but yeah! I made it through and hopefully next year will see me return to the physical world of MV ownership. About flipping time :coffee:


Party on guys!

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dont forget the clubhouse bar is open later tonight with it been jacks birthday and new years eve , the bar will close at 12;30 prompt , dont know how its turned out i cant go as its my turn on guard duty again ! :rolleyes:


12.30!!!!!!! The party is just getting hot at that time!!!

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Uhm, well, yeah.....


A bit late but I hope you had a good one.

I left the clubhouse before I found you...

Why I left?

Well, I jumped into the heated pool to find out some $%&* put a alligator in it....bugger.

After fighting it and beating the excrements out of it I thought I'd better leave before anyone noticed it...

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