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  1. There is a film about the great floods of 1947 which shows them also being driven into place on the river bank at Earith in Cambridgeshire. This was to fix a breach in the bank wall and they were filled over. I will look for the link if anyone needs it. About a dozen of them if I recall.
  2. Hi, whereabouts are you and how much please? Also looking for a toolbox, many thanks. Steve
  3. Hi, i am after mudguards etc. if you have them? Thanks
  4. Yes, I was told that it was a 40foot container full!
  5. An awful lot of military radio in this sale coming up on the 21st. ( and other militaria) https://auctions.hyperionauctions.co.uk/catalogue/7e73a5582f59f011ee33eacc5bfefd7a/b7c4d3a38dc0c91a3f6375615562b5ba/fine-art-antiques-sale-to-include-a-fine-collection-of-sil/?currentPageNo=8
  6. I have the 3/8 Milwaukee and love it for it's ability and lightness.
  7. The military Massey 35 tractor that was in really good nick made £13200 plus vat plus commission which is a lot of money, however although old it was little used. I had thought I would go to seven grand but I was a long way out!
  8. Looked yesterday, and it also has overdrive
  9. I have the correct dexion(NOS), wherabouts are you?
  10. The Fettle Box, the website can be found, these are the best I have found for all my stoves.
  11. What a wonderful find, very envious!
  12. Slowly, and small corrections if possible, fairly easy as you can see it all happening. I had a bar on the forks which made it easier to push and see. But often reversed from the tow hitch. But then I am used to a lorry and 4 wheel drag.
  13. I had one, didn't know the empty weight but it wasn't the nicest thing to tow on the road, I always had it in front steer only on the road as you should but I recall it wasn't much fun. I sold it a year later! It was great on the fields though.
  14. Having had eleven Champs in different states of repair over the years I now find they are a bit expensive for me. I wish I had kept my best one as then mint ones were only 3 to 4K, however now its a different story as for all military vehicles. If only we had hindsight!
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