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  1. I bought a "new" Ben Hur trailer , which has been used for 70 years on a farm , that leaves its traces as you can notice, This trailer has "front and rear tailgates" , and seems original to me , any ideas what was it used for ?
  2. I have a generator trailer , towed by a GMC truck , former Belgian army with these welded rims , spare on my trailer is a common "Budd rim" , so thye're interchangeable . Trailer is Belgian manufacture;
  3. Fantastic project you got your hands on , hope you'll find all the vital parts and bits to make that vehicle run one day !! Deutsche Halbketten Fahrzeuge , the maxx !
  4. the small container is your acetylene producing unit (the gas that's needed to get your headlights working):cool2:
  5. That's a French rim fitted on the DUKW
  6. Is it an AC DELCO fuel pump , lots of parts still available at car parts dealers network
  7. Herzlich Willkommen , German Trucks , cars & Motorcycles are the best to collect , but difficult to find, Succes with your stunning project !
  8. have seen covers made by Frank Brown , absolutely top quality products ! Highly recomended !
  9. Is this the forerunner of the 18/25 Pr , used by the BEF in 1940 ?
  10. Does anybody knows if there are any production data available on Autocar trucks , more specified the U-8144-T pontoon truck , steel cab . Frame number A4136 .
  11. thanks to the social media , this problem has solved itself , sad also that you were blamed at your first call , they never counted on you bringing it in public :yawn:
  12. It sure looks good , no restoration ahead I supose !
  13. That's the weird part of shopping "online" , no direct contact between seller and buyer , I prefer doing business by "cash and carry , no bits means no money spent !
  14. That's Jaap , no worrys , he'll get back to you , I think he's in Normandie now If I meet up with him , I'll remind him off you !
  15. Due to our crazy European laws , almost everything goes on one or another "forbidden" list. It's getting harder and harder to start a collection of military related objects.
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