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Black and White number plates

Tony B

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Have you thought of using magnetic ones Tony? Your local vinyl sign shop should be able to make some up for you.


No mate I hadn't. Nice idea, I'd like to keep the Jersey plates for the show ground. I'll give it try and go and have a word with a place I know in Orpington. I can't really do anything till I get the paperwork back from the Denizens of Swansea anyway. Thanks for the help everyone.

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I've had excellent service from Tippers in Newquay: http://www.tippersvintageplates.co.uk/




Yes - I had what appeared to be good service - received the plate very quickly. But, having sent them a clear photo of the current tatty front plate on my green goddess to ask if they could match the distinctive font, they replied and said 'yes'. The plate I received from them was good quality but nowhere near a match so I felt somewhat aggrieved! I did email them but they just sent some waffle back at how they couldn't match it totally, they never said that they could. Utter nonsense. I can cope with mistakes but not people just anxious to sell you products at any cost..... Several others I contacted were totally honest and said that they couldn't match it.



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