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  1. Funny - many years ago I took my Peugeot 406 (what a cracking car!!) to a mainstream chain for some work though not an MOT. I was told that the rear shock absorbers were leaking and would need changing. I declined the offer and I chuckled on my way home knowing that at that stage Peugeot still made their own shock absorbers - and they were gas filled.... Duncan.
  2. Through one of the Facebook pages I've passed a private message with your email address on to a chap in East Yorkshire that might be able to help. By chance he's just repainted his goddess and reapplied all the Op FRESCO markings! Hope you get something sorted! Duncan.
  3. A quick Google tells me you're in Catterick if that helps anyone! 😁 There are a couple of active FB sites for GG owners so I will put a shout out! 💪
  4. Interesting what you learn - somebody on the Q4 owners page on Facebook has just replied and suggested that just like the smaller bore but similarly designed engines that were in the Humber Super Snipes, they were "notorious for blowing between the cylinders". As he says, even though my Q4 only has 1,700 miles on the clock, you can see on the photo below that it clearly hasn't been sealing around the whole cylinder and that it potentially has been blowing into the water galleries too! I wonder whether the cylinder heads were ever retorqued after manufacture given they were hardly used and mine
  5. So having scoured the darkest depths of Speedy Spares for gaskets, the head was removed and cleaned up - very neat it looks too! As expected, the head and valves were coked up - many, many years of being run for short periods, very little mileage and lots of running cold on the choke. The valves and seats have been cleaned and lapped again so they seal properly and the head looks much neater and cleaner now! It's getting closer to the road all the time....
  6. Still on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Taskers-Trailer-Scammel-coupling-1930-40-s/274460707279?hash=item3fe72209cf:g:OQoAAOSwUIlevDrn
  7. Looks super! 💪 Like the tyres too, looks like they also do 1100 x 20s which would fit a green goddess - quite a hard size to find! Duncan.
  8. After another seemingly long hiatus there has actually been progress in terms of getting the Q4 back on the road! For a while and despite having the carburetor professionally refurbished, adding quality electronic ignition, refurbishing the electrics etc, it still wouldn't run without either it popping and banging or without it needing petrol pouring straight into the carb. Clearly something wasn't right! The hunt for the guilty parts or parts began... First we discovered that the coke disc in the carb had been put on the wrong way round. Just shows that even pros can make mistakes s
  9. Yes, a good result! 😎 Still looking for a sender unit for the Q4.... It's the only part that has really broken, the board inside with resistance wire has broken apart over time... I get the feeling lots of Rootes stuff is proper 'parts bin specials' stuff! 😆 Duncan.
  10. Well, good news! After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing Speedy Spares found most of what I needed. The trick was referencing not only the part numbers but also the Commer / Rootes publication they came from! When I quoted the engine size (4,752 cc) they were confused - no wonder as the Parts List doesn't actually mention the engine size anywhere! (I've still no idea what other Rootes vehicles the 4,752 cc engine was fitted in....). So, they have a head gasket plus water pump gaskets plus manifold hot spot gaskets. Sadly, not the exact manifold gaskets but some very similar so we'll see if
  11. Super, thanks. Fingers crossed!! 🙏 Duncan.
  12. Thanks Richard - does John Walker have a website, or do you have his contact details? I've dropped Speedy Spares a line, I have tried them in the past for things but no success. You never know.... Cheers, Duncan
  13. Hello all - I'm after some gaskets for the engine in my AFS Commer Q4 truck if anybody has any or knows where I can track some down!! Sadly unlike other vehicles of the same era, such as the Bedford RL, there are no real specialists as far as I'm aware who can help. Yes, I guess there are companies that will manufacture some but I thought I'd try here to first so see if anyone has some hanging around on a shelf in a shed... They're for the 4,752 cc 6 cylinder petrol, which was also fitted to other Routes Group vehicles of the time such as Humbers. I need: - head gasket - 3 part
  14. I've just messaged the RLC Museum to let them know, along with the BBC link - Fort Paull also has one of the few remaining RCT Berlin Military Train carriages which might be of interest and is certainly worth saving.... Duncan.
  15. Hello All, After a slight hiatus I have declared 2020 to be the 'Year of the Commer' as I seek to get my AFS Q4 (519 ELM) back on the road. One final-ish part to find is a replacement sender unit to sit in the tank. The AC part number is 'Gauge Assembly AC Delco 1519738', the MOD MT part number was LV6/MT1/AC/1519738. The MOD parts manual also gives a number of P.60325. The MOD used Q4s until the 1980s as did the EFS / Home Office so there must be some lurking somewhere! Any clues welcome, I have tried the 'usual' suspect such as Chris Morter etc. Thanks, Duncan.
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