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  1. Was very good, very very good!!!! Had a chat to my favourite stall hold as he was packing up and said he had never sold as much and van was empty and easy to pack!! Again no pics, well only one of a desert landy beached in the tank tracks in arena, but as photobucket is jiggered theres not much point! Roll on next year bigger and better!
  2. Barn stored when not in use, solid tub, had been landrover red, now back to a green, was desert in service. 12v electrics and civi lights, not using it much now and cba to push it back in barn. In Suffolk, £400ono
  3. 2 shorts front to back, longs side to side, i think, might be the other lol. Put the roof section of poles toegether, then lay canvas over, lift up one side at a time and add legs, then un fold drop canavas down. Reverse to put away, use roof section to fold it up on, sides in, then ends and foldy fold and drop on to floor between roof poles. Easier to put back up, just need to know what way the door is!!! Hope that helps!!!
  4. What a choice of vehicle! Good old 452, well a newer one than im used to, it still bounces along as the old ones do, and just as hot it seems. Yes they are ugly buggers but wouldnt swap it for another mv, so useful and practical.
  5. Theres no beer tent option! Im confused now lol
  6. The Ot90's roll over the rough ground far better than the cvrts, brought that design forward to these.
  7. http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab119/fiscusk/20151012_144441_zpsjkcqny2h.jpg It's messy with paint still, can get a good one if needed.
  8. Brass plates? I'm sure I've got a picture of them some where. Or I'll get one of mine. Still need them?
  9. Some have spinners on top, if not it will be a metric thread. Ive found some uk filters that fit my Uaz, hard bit is finding a parts shop with books still!! Cross refernce is a thing of the past. I 2nd the Russian Truck lot!
  10. All very friendly, think we have 2 or 3 OT owners hidden away with feet sticking out of there engine covers!
  11. Wow i must be wrong:blush: never mind shoot me now!
  12. They were modded from lhd to rhd, i think in the uk so used what was to hand. Never seen one close up to have a poke around and see how the solved the gear stick linkage issues. Cabs suffer from rot, but chassis is channel so normaly holds up. Good source of spares
  13. I never found mine in the arch either, just went on plate and engine. There great pratical little trucks, van in the winter and camper in the summer. Use mine as a daily driver, altho 3rd gear can be fun to find for a novice.
  14. Great war truck, the numbers should be on the engine block above fuel pump on drivers side. Some times they are painted on chassis in a rear wheel arch. Ive been running mine for years now, this looks nice and tidy. My 452 is starting to pop the filler out with rust. Im also admin on Russian Truck forum so i am happy to answer anything if needed, feel free to pm me. Like wise to owner if he needs any help, not many running in Uk.
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