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  1. Some time back at a show was looking over a nice 110 FFR with all the radio kit, it also had a military laptop LXI, looking on line about the laptop it could be used for the combat net radio system BAMS (developed and used by the Belgium Armed Forces) this laptop was built around 2000 by DRS technologies in the UK. the unit is TEMPEST safe. (TEMPEST)Codename, referring to (the study of) unwanted compromising emanations. This includes the emission of unintentional and unwanted intelligence-bearing signals. If such signals were intercepted and analyzed, they might disclose sensitive informat
  2. Thank you for the reply, had seen your page befor, are they drum or disc brake ? the one I hope to get has the full kit inside but not shore if its all working. can you tell me if this unit had an ATU or did it use w/b ant, would like to see some photos of the inservice set up Phil
  3. I am about to get this NCRS Communications Cabin, they are about 1.8 ton Overall Length: 13ft 6 inches came in to service in 1995, this was operated by Signal Regiment. (NCRS is an adaptive high frequency radio system, consisting of a pair of HF radios controlled by a microprocessor. System) what I need to know is did they use landrovers 110/101 to pull them or MK trucks ? ne1 got a photo of one set up ? ne1 got one
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